In digital screens we trust …but don’t trust your display, says Snowden

Edward Snowden|Wake Up People!

” … if they’re actually manipulating the way devices display it’s just too great a level of effort even for someone like me to keep that up on a constant basis …” (08:21 – 09:16)

It’s only matter of time before AI can manipulate your display 24/7 like it was a walk in the park, in an effortless tailored access operation. If they are not doing it already. Snowden is out of the loop, so we don’t know what NSA is capable of today. It’s all secret in Cold War 2.

Snowden has been yelling in the desert since 2013, with nothing significant changing as a result of all his futile warnings.

Until someone starts taking down cell towers and 5G towers the battle is already lost. Might as well play a computer game or do some country music line dancing instead of pointlessly complaining about surveillance in a world of apathy and indifference.

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