co-traveller tracking

Snowden: co-traveller tracking (03:00):

Edward Snowden 2021|Everyone is Ignoring This

If a group is going to nonviolently sabotage a Big Tech facility and they all turn off their smartphones at the same time, or the same day or evening, the NSA will know that something is up.

Lack of a signal can be a signal that NSA picks up. Any indication that you know spy tradecraft – like stopping in front of a window to see if someone is behind you or tying your shoelaces – is also a signal that you are in the game. So always act casually. But you have already been flagged just by being on Gab, and reading this post, which means that it’s best to do nothing illegal and spread tradecraft info to others through word of mouth, without any cell phone nearby, and then let other people do the sabotage of Big Tech.

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