Big Tech’s plan to overrun democracies

The Guardian (March 6, 2021):

Fear itself is the real threat to democracy, not tall tales of Chinese AI

“This week the American National Security Commission on artificial intelligence released its final report.” (…)

“Since “China is organised, resourced, and determined to win the technology competition”, the US approach has to change. What’s needed, apparently, is “a hybrid approach meshing government and private-sector efforts to win the technology competition”.”

The report is here.

The Guardian is somewhat of a lefty “dove” in regards to downplaying the danger of hostile 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) actors, partly because The Guardian is biased against everything CIA and NSA.

I on the other hand share much of the threat assessment views presented by the intelligence community – recommend for example “Why Intelligence Fails” by Robert Jervis – so I disagree with lefty journalists and naive academics who are unable to think like hawks and psychopaths.

The governments in China and Russia, and all other authoritarian regimes, are obviously a threat to free democracies. It’s nothing “premature” about loudly warning people against the AI these regimes will develop the next hundred years.

But in this surreal and absurd situation I think it’s better to abandon hackable online 4IR tech and protect democracies by relying mainly on non-digital defense systems, like cobalt nukes and new urban anti-drone measures.

It’s tragic and absurd that Big Tech has created a world where it’s necessary to invent defensive systems like this one here for example:

In comparison, look at what Big Tech is planning to build:

The AI Venus Project

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