The fake “anti-racism” of Big Tech

Big Tech tries to justify its surveillance and global imperialistic reach by presenting itself as having values that are superior to its ideological competitors. Big Tech claims that its own “tolerance”, “anti-racism”, “feminism” etc in the cultural sphere are morally better than the “intolerance”, “racism” and “patriarchy” of many ethnic or nationalistic cultures around the world. This superior globalism is supposed to give Big Tech the right to spread its tentacles around the planet, in order to civilize “barbarians”. It is the Big Tech’s burden to save the world, and become billionaires when doing it.

Big Tech is basically using the same justifications as the British Empire when trying to convince common people that industrial globalism is a good thing. To see the similarity between the British Empire and Big Tech read Empire by Niall Ferguson where he defends the superior values of “liberal” imperialists. This neo-imperialist is married to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which shows that there is no contradiction between imperialism and “anti-racism”.

All empires are multi-ethnic per definition since this type of government is defined as one nation conquering and ruling other nations. It’s therefore natural that imperialists try to maintain law and order by promoting multi-ethnic “tolerance”.

Gucci feminism is female liberation for rich and affluent women. Corporate anti-racism is media- and state-sponsored tolerance for non-Europeans with purchasing power in the global capitalist system. The corporate “anti-racist” wants to earn as much money as possible, so he/she will therefore support laws that punish a white nightclub owner if the latter bans Africans who can afford to buy relatively expensive drinks produced by large alcohol companies owned by the globalist elite. But the same corporate “anti-racist” doesn’t care about helping the poor African beggar sleeping on a bench next to the nightclub. He is removed by the police because his presence is a nuisance. He’s not good for business.

Here’s the business logic of corporate “anti-racism”: If a nation state initially has 5 million white citizens it will be possible for the capitalist elite in that country to expand its marked and sell more goods if first 1) discrediting moderate nationalism and weakening people’s emotional attachment to all non-materialistic cultural values, and then 2) welcoming mass immigration so that the market of the former nation state increases to 7 or 10 million people.

Real anti-racists fight for international economic justice so that people in Africa, Asia and Latin-America can have good lives in their own countries without having to become economic refugees.

Tolerance is the cheapest virtue, because all it basically demands is indifference, instead of active idealistic engagement. It’s therefore not surprising that corporate media and other corporate woke agents are preaching tolerance and attacking everyone who has other values than the “tolerance” pushed by Big Tech globally. By spreading this “diversity” narrative, through corporate universities and capitalist media, it becomes easy to get leftwing and rightwing idealists to fight each other over cultural issues instead of them jointly combating global neoliberal Big Tech. It’s divide and conquer.

Capitalists after 1967 have always tried to co-opt the cultural expressions of true rebels, selling it as fashion. This is a form of “repressive tolerance” (Marcuse). Tragically, when socialist rebels grow older many abandon their youthful ideals and join the corporate world they once criticized. For these traitors and hypocrites it feels much easier to live with their own personal failure when the corporate elite has built a global facade of woke values.

So, if you are a fake socialist, a corporate faux anti-racist, let me use vulgar language that you hypocritical “liberals” understand: go fuck yourself. You are pathetic moralists with no credibility.

And barking back, by attacking me, doesn’t work because I’m honest about being a hypocrite, but since I recognize my own moral flaws I’m not seeking global power like the megalomaniacs in Big Tech.

Look at the individuals who seek power and you will also identify who is corrupt. Power corrupts. Global power corrupts globally.

I detest woke culture because it tries to normalize and integrate the abnormal instead of just letting it exist outside mainstream society. No hyper-individualist, no outcast, will ever accept the herd mentality of woke culture.

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