Red state secession won’t work in the long run

Even if red states in North America decide to break from ultra-liberal coastal states in a way that is formally against the law it will not work in the long run, because:

1) “Democrats” will probably refer to formal law when never recognizing the legality of secession.

2) when “Democrats” develop enough AI recon drone swarms and armies of killer robots the next 10 – 50 years they will have the firepower to occupy all red states.

3) Gen X and boomers will be dead in 30 years, so culturally conservative opposition to ultra-liberal Big Tech will to a large degree disappear before 2050, which means that the global corporate elite has time on its side.

4) millennials and Gen Z will get strongly influenced by the pop culture of “progressive” coastal states as long as Hollywood entertainment and Big Tech infrastructure remain in red states. Even Putin doesn’t dare to take ultra-liberal social media away from Russian citizens despite knowing that Silicon Valley and Pentagon use it to spy and collect information about the population in Russia:

Ranking of social media platforms in Russia 2020, by monthly publications

[UPDATE March 10, 2021: ]

5) if red states build their own separate Internet and ban all ultra-liberal content many young talented people will move to the coastal states where Big Tech develops superior AI that one day will infiltrate and destroy red state Internet.

6) globalist corporate elites with many headquarters currently located in coastal states have no loyalty to America and don’t mind if blue states are full of poor immigrants and homeless people, as seen in the movie Elysium, because their power is based on AI robots and the global supply chain, so they can’t be significantly pressured by red states, especially if they rule blue states from abroad, from New Zealand for example.

7) the wealthy in US coastal states can get enough resources from China and other countries if red states stop food supplies. Big Tech will soon mass produce artificial meat, making “Democrats” even more independent of the heartland in America.

8) the globalist corporate elite will probably not mind that China helps them occupy red states, maybe forcing the latter to be part of a global government run by AI.

9) bioweapons and nano-weapons (that are non-lethal) can target the genes of people in red states after tiny and stealthy insect drones have collected the DNA of conservatives:

Hacking the President’s DNA

Conservatives who support original humanity have to fight transhumanist Big Tech now or else it will be too late.

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