How to spread info about militant tactics and strategies

To better understand this article maybe it’s best to first read:

Now, back to the question of how to spread info about militant tactics and strategies.

1) The safest way is to only use word of mouth, when everybody has left their mobile phones at home, without mentioning my name or this website.

2) Create your own website where you present the tactics, strategies and sources here, without mentioning my name and this website. Encourage others to do the same, until there are thousands of websites that the intelligence community (IC) can’t track.

3) Alternatively, use email or social media to send over 250 people a link to this website, and ask each of them to send it to over 250 friends and acquaintances. If a militant operation against a Big Tech installation or facility occurs in the vicinity of your town or city, the IC must search for a needle in a haystack to find who did it. But if you were the first “node” to send out emails with a link to this website here, the IC will investigate you first if something happens nearby, so in your email tell people not to do any operation near where you live.

If you are among the first to spread info about tactics and strategies presented here, then don’t participate in any operation yourself. Let other people in your group/community do it. Because you are already flagged by the NSA just for visiting

Since I just asked you not to do anything illegal, you can take that as a sign that the website here is not a honey trap. Simply spreading lawful info is so important at this stage of the conflict that you don’t need to feel bad about not participating in any illegal operation. Only a minority in the military are in combat. The majority take care of logistics etc.


The IC has informants and undercover officers in all militant movements, cf what The Guardian has written about Mark Kennedy and Bob Lambert. They are corporate (police) agents who try to disrupt militant groups by using the old tactic of “divide and conquer”. One method is to smear people. Since these Machiavellians can’t refute the validity of the arguments I present it’s likely that informants and undercover officers will try to discredit me as a person. But ad hominem arguments are less effective if everybody in militant movements simply discuss tactics and strategies without ever mentioning me or Keep it all as anonymous as possible.

By keeping my name out of all discussions about tactics and strategies nobody can accuse me of having created this website just to get attention. To avoid focus on me I also stay clear of all public attention in general. Here in Norway I’ve said no to many journalists who wanted interviews after 1998. That makes it difficult for corporate Machiavellians to taint the arguments I present by claiming that the source of the arguments, namely me, is a bad person. (I’m not a good person btw, I’m a sinner like everyone else.) So, take “my” arguments and present them to others without ever mentioning me.

Deep-cover UC officers are extremely clever. Bob Lambert even wrote a guide about how to spot undercover officers, in order to gain trust in the movement he infiltrated. He probably would have created a website similar like mine. But he would not have presented info about militant strategies that have a good chance of working even when radical movements are full of spies. And if he had done that, you could have detected his scheming by the fact that he would have been active in a militant group/movement, including private online chat rooms. I have retired from activism and I’m only in open Internet forums. Since I’m never on the dark web and don’t use encrypted chat services nobody can accuse me of being a spy or doing anything illegal. I’m just an armchair strategist.

Personal attacks on any armchair strategist is like trying to refute the arguments in The Art of War by revealing unflattering aspects of Sun Tzu’s personal life. And, no, I’m not here comparing myself to Sun Tzu. Have to point that out, since corporate Machiavellians are looking for every opportunity to badmouth their opponents. I feel sorry for primitive minds who think cheap “deny and disrupt” is a meaningful job.

If you tell your militant friends about the tactics and strategies of this website here, and one of them brings up my name, then you know that he might be a snitch, because if he has read my website he knows that I’ve very explicitly said that nobody should mention my name or the name of this website.

The IC may still try to discredit by using services like Gab to inform people about a fact I’ve actually not hidden: before I retired, because of narcolepsy, I was a scholar doing fieldwork in militant subcultures where I basically relied on an established academic method called “covert research”, cf David Calvey at Manchester Metropolitan University:

Covert research presupposes that you anonymize all sources, so I have never snitched, and always acted in a respectful manner, which means that I’m in good standing today. You can check this yourself, by reaching out to the Norwegian groups I have been in contact with. But the IC will of course try to spin things and take it out of context. That’s why I say: ignore my name. I’m a nobody. I’m not anyone’s “authority”. Just focus on developing and improving tactics and strategies that can be used against Big Tech.

Be innocent as doves and smart as serpents.

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