Facebook is building tech to read your mind

Vox (Aug 05, 2019):

Facebook is building tech to read your mind. The ethical implications are staggering.

“Facebook wants to create a device that can read your mind — literally. It’s funding research on brain-machine interfaces that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, the company announced in a blog post last week.” (…)

” … It’ll take time for politicians and lawmakers to catch up to the new realities that brain-reading tech makes possible. For now, tech giants can swoop into this legal vacuum with little or no oversight as to how they can gather, store, and monetize our brain data.”

““Facebook has a track record of playing fast and loose even with already-established regulatory rules,” Nadler said. “And with an entity of their size, it’s difficult to imagine what kind of regulatory oversight would be truly effective. What would an agency action even do? There’s a certain level of impunity that they already operate with because there’s no fine big enough to sting.””

“After all, when the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook a record-breaking $5 billion for privacy violations last month, the company didn’t fold. It didn’t even blink. In fact, its stock shot up.”

It’s time to take down Facebook and other Big Tech companies, by any nonviolent means necessary, including sabotage. If nonviolent people don’t act now it will only increase the risk that drug cartels and WMD terrorists will intervene, and that may cause (global) damage or have (indirect) consequences that will perhaps destroy constitutional democracies (when Big Tech speeds up Fusion AI surveillance to beat all its enemies).

Bill Gates is aware of the risks, as seen here:

I Asked Bill Gates What’s The Next Crisis?

So don’t expect Big Tech to be lazy and complacent when preparing for attacks in the future. Being on the offense can be the best defense, which means that the Big Tech elite will probably escalate the “War on Domestic Terrorism” and fully roll out Fusion AI surveillance and maybe deploy more police robots, though inconspicuous insect drones are probably less likely to be noticed and therefore cause less resistance than seen here:

AOC criticizes NYPD’s new robot dog

Personally, I think at the moment of writing that nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech is a lost cause, since not even people on Gab, Parler and Minds appear interested in using this method, as far as I can see on my computer screen (though drone-surveillance.info and my social media accounts might have been shadow-banned, which I doubt). If nobody cares about doing that which is necessary to stop Big Tech it’s rather pointless that I keep using much energy on drone-surveillance.info, so might as well put the DSI project on the back burner and just update it with news about the latest developments in AI, robotics and surveillance, until someone near Big Tech in the US decides to act, but is that like waiting for Godot? Have no idea. Have a “Zen” attitude toward it all, because I don’t have kids who will be enslaved by the panopticon of Big Tech.

In the West it’s likely that things keep running “normally” for a while, maybe 1-5 years, when either cartels and terrorists wake up and attack Big Tech or the latter simply wins by default if nobody cares enough about original humanity to stop a transhumanist Brave New World, an indifference which makes one wonder if saving a cowardly species like humanity is worth the effort. Why not just surrender to our Big Tech overlords?

If you can’t beat them, since you are not even willing to fight them to begin with, why not join them instead of pointlessly complaining and whining about Big Tech?

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