Dismantle, not destroy, surveillance tech in public areas

drone-surveillance.info (DSI) has an undogmatic approach to discussing the morality and effectiveness of all militant methods that one may use when combatting Big Tech surveillance.

If you doubt whether the above is necessary, read about a potentially genocidal surveillance system that is now operational in cities like New York:


Nonviolent sabotage is arguably the best compromise between being effective and acting morally. But it’s not a method for amateur activists, because you must have skill and discipline to avoid 1) accidentally and unintentionally harming innocent civilians, and 2) not getting caught by guards and police officers.

An alternative to nonviolently destroying surveillance equipment in public areas is to dismantle it or make it inoperable in other ways, without destroying it. Instead of sabotaging it you simply deactivate or jam it.

For example, if you have a drone, attach a paintbrush to it, and use it to cover the lens of a CCTV camera with (easily) removable paint.

5G is hundred times faster than 4G, which means that it now serves as the wireless infrastructure of IoT and “Internet of Military Things”. IoMT is basically the first beginning of “Skynet”. And it exists today, in the open.

One way of partly jamming a 5G tower is to buy 1-4 large drones that can drop a lightweight Faraday cage/net over it. Buy the drones anonymously (or you can 3D print them):


Nonviolent deactivation tactics is a method that ordinary civilians can use, in their home towns and cities, without getting into too much trouble, because you are not destroying property, only disabling it temporarily. Just don’t leave a fingerprint or DNA on your drone, in case it crashes. Have good op sec. And stay creative when developing your own nonviolent deactivation tactics.

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