The no PR policy of

Drone Surveillance Info (DSI) is a website that is only addressed to five groups: 1) militant activists, 2) Big Tech CEOs and billionaires, 3) intelligence agencies, 4) corporate private military companies (c-PMCs), and 5) non-corporate PMCs.

The above implies that DSI is only focused on the battle between these five elites, with 1) and 5) fighting together against 2) – 4).

Consequently, DSI will simply ignore the following groups:

Corporate media

Big Tech social media

CorpState universities

We are not present in the arenas controlled by the latter three groups. Any opinions there about DSI will go unnoticed. We only communicate through other (back)channels.

Clarification: a CorpState is the merger of corporations with the state, creating a revolving door between them.

DSI doesn’t need to follow what is going on in CorpState-controlled public arenas because DSI is not trying to convert people there to our values. Our only goal is to physically destroy Big Tech, using the method of nonviolent sabotage.

Some may argue that DSI is elitist, but after having tried for 15 years to create a debate about militant activism, in public arenas controlled by corporations and states, without success, despite recommendations from several respected freethinking professors, it’s time to reluctantly accept that CorpStates are not interested in having a fair and scientific debate about militant activism in the public arenas they control. This kind of censorship means that DSI will skip all PR and simply focus on the “elite” battle between 1) and 5) against 2) – 4). We’ll only focus on physically destroying the infrastructure of Big Tech, in a nonviolent manner.

If you prejudicially think the attitude of DSI is “undemocratic”, then you should really study what the CorpState elites are doing:

However, if anybody with an academic degree in relevant fields has read through all the articles on the DSI website and discovered that we have overlooked important facts and/or arguments that refute our view that nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech is justified, then we’ll publish it in the comment fields of Presupposing that these counterarguments are written in an academic manner. All other kinds of (non-essential) feedback, in whatever form – angry or polite – can be presented on Gab or Minds: @andreaswinsnes

Furthermore, if anybody can prove that the arguments we present – in favor of nonviolently sabotaging Big Tech – are objectively beyond the ballpark of moral validity, then we’ll immediately stop this kind of militant activism.

We’ll always respect facts, logic, common scientific standards (cf Popper and Polanyi) and the better arguments (Habermas).

DSI will unambiguously and categorically condemn terrorism. We support constitutional democracies, in the tradition that America and Europe have had since 1776.

If you for some reason prefer the public arenas of Big Tech and the CorpState you may dislike the populist aristocrat attitude of DSI, but you can relax, since we are the first to admit that militant activists will probably lose the battle against the Big Tech CorpState, because few today have the bravery and know-how needed to protect constitutional democracies from corrupt neoliberal globalists.

In other words, users addicted to CorpState services have probably won already. You have won the privilege to be pawns and to condemn your children and grandchildren to a life in states dominated by totalitarian surveillance worse than the monitoring in Nazi and Stasi Germany.

People get the government they deserve.

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