The apocalyptic alternative to nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech (DSI) is only supporting nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech corporations, for reasons explained in the intro to our website.

But many people will probably not understand the serious consequence of ignoring the nonviolent sabotage option, in the hope that somebody else will take the risk of sabotaging Big Tech, or maybe some are wishfully thinking that the whole problem will someday solve itself without anybody taking action. This attitude is very dangerous because if the problem of Big Tech is not solved now, in a nonviolent manner, it’s almost guaranteed that cartels, terrorists and authoritarian states will intervene, for reasons that are explained here.

The above groups have access to extreme weapons, at least one of which belongs in the apocalyptic category. DSI will never discuss the details of such weapons on our website, because we don’t want to give immoral actors any ideas. But it’s safe to mention one realistic scenario which shows the apocalyptic consequence of not stopping Big Tech in a nonviolent manner while we still can. Let’s start with this story first:

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

Big Tech in the West has a reasonable chance of developing some kind of world-dominating multi-domain narrow AI weapon system that can neutralize China and Russia before the latter two have a chance to successfully launch nuclear missiles. It’s therefore a very real risk that authoritarian regimes will prefer to start WW3 if their spies inform them that Big Tech in America is only a year or two from having unbeatable AI.

Mao’s theory on atomic bomb: They can’t kill us all

“Mao is said to have told a Yugoslav visitor to Peking in 1957, “We have a very large territory and a big population. Atomic bombs could not kill all of us.””

“”What if they killed 300 million of us? We would still have many people left.””

“Mao has never said such a thing publicly.”

In 2050, China will probably be so unbearably hot because of (manmade) climate changes that a nuclear winter may not appear that bad compared to being conquered once again by the West, a hostile Occidental force now armed with AI.

Russia and China have good reason, from their authoritarian viewpoint, to fear bellicose liberal Westerners, because of the latter’s missionary wars, as seen in countries like Iraq and Libya. These crusading liberals have, since the British Empire, clearly proven that they want to crush all opponents, in the name of democracy. I’m not going to discuss here whether this crusade is objectively good or bad, though I in some ways support it in theory at least. The point is that history has proven to Russia and China that liberals want to destroy all authoritarian regimes, and that logically includes China and Russia.

Big Tech on American coasts is ultra-liberal, consisting of billionaires who want to rule the world and play transhuman gods. That scares Putin and Xi.

In addition to the threat from non-Western nuclear powers we have to take into account how Big Tech is an existential threat to all organized criminals and all terrorists. The Fusion AI surveillance of Big Tech will inevitably force cartels to attack companies like Amazon. But when these psychopaths first act, they may use some of the most deadly weapons in existence. They will not care about the collateral damage. The victims will not only be Big Tech but also average citizens like you and me. Solving the problem of Big Tech today by relying on nonviolent sabotage is therefore the best option, if no legal alternatives are available.

Big Tech corporations are aware of the above threat scenarios, because they have probably red teamed it themselves, and I have told them about it, a year ago. But they are not stopping. They appear to be doubling down instead. This means that Big Tech is now an existential threat to humanity, and must be dealt with accordingly, in a nonviolent way.

Independently of the existential threat to humanity which Big Tech poses when provoking an apocalyptic reaction from cartels, terrorists and authoritarian states there is the worldwide danger of AI in itself, when or if it gets (partly) out of control.

The threats described above are not “academic” or something that might happen in the future. One of them can hit us tomorrow, if terrorists or cartels have already planned it the last year(s).

People really don’t know the danger we are in right now.

Weapons at machine speed and other types of surprising destruction can lead to a flash war or an almost instantly secured collapse of societies in America and Europe, before we have time to react and stop it once it manifests itself. If that occurs, it will probably happen in the next 1-5 years, presupposing that cartels and terrorists have a minimum of strategic intelligence. I’m surprised they have not acted already.

Big Tech’s reaction to the threats discussed here is not to return to the democracies we had between 1950 and 1990. They are instead accelerating Fusion AI surveillance and locking down societies, creating a new type of totalitarian regimes, a policy that will only motivate cartels and terrorists to quickly annihilate Big Tech, by any means.

Finally, if you wonder why NSA, CIA and MI6 are so far not cracking down on perhaps it has something to do with them being freaked out by 4IR, the fourth industrial revolution. So, being uncertain about how to deal with it all, the good guys who actually also work for intelligence agencies may perhaps have decided to let DSI somewhat freely present serious academic arguments from a militant perspective.

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