Kafka Dome and Big Tech Mengele

What is the Big Tech Mengele? It’s the AI transhumanism project of Elon Musk, the megalomanic summoner of demons.

The Kafka Dome is the latest iteration of anti-drone architecture:

You build a 50 meter high wall around a town or city, and on top of that you put a dome of thin bendable glass, so that no hostile spy drones can enter the area undetected. The dome should primarily be supported by spires on buildings. These spires can be silver coated or decorated with colorful fragments of church glass. To provide additional support one may rely on new innovative glass columns. If the city is relatively large, one can use heavy-lift rotorcrafts, each being able to lift 40 ton, hovering high above the city and painted in sky blue, so you can’t see them from the ground. The ropes holding the dome can be made of spider silk.

For all the details and other iterations of Castle Beckett, not to be confused with Castle Bravo, click here.

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