Fourth industrial revolution arms race isn’t necessary if we rely on better nuclear deterrence

Foreign Affairs:

The Nuclear Option

“Slowing a New Arms Race Means Compromising on Missile Defenses” (…)

“The welcome extension of New START comes at a worrying moment. Although the United States and Russia have nowhere near the number of nuclear weapons they possessed at the height of the Cold War, both countries are again in the midst of an arms race. Over the past decade, each side has developed new missiles, bombers, submarines, and capabilities to shoot down satellites. Other countries, including China and even North Korea, are warming up, too.” (…)

“If Biden wants to slow this arms race, he will need to accept limits on the U.S. missile defense systems that drive it. Such restrictions will be politically hard to swallow, but they are not without precedent. When the United States first began working with Moscow to end the Cold War arms race, both sides agreed to start by limiting missile defenses. If Biden is to address the contemporary escalation underway today, he will need to do the same.”

Jeffrey Lewis, the author of the above article in Foreign Affairs, doesn’t mention that Cold War 2 is characterized by 4IR weapons (fourth industrial revolution weaponry). Automated attack systems can for the first time in history neutralize the stopping power of oceans, which means that America will relatively soon – maybe within 5 to 20 years – be unable to rely on the protection offered by the Atlantic and Pacific. That’s one reason for not weakening the nuclear defense of the West.

Another very important argument is that 4IR tech leads to domestic development of unprecedented totalitarian surveillance states in the West, so we should ban this new tech, but if we do that, America and Europe will be vulnerable to 4IR attacks from China, Russia or other authoritarian states. Modernized 2IR / 3IR nuclear weapon systems can deter 4IR attacks if we have enough missiles to obliterate all authoritarian states at the first sign of 4IR weapons crossing Western borders.

We had domestic freedom under the first Cold War. Today we have more surveillance in the West than Stasi Germany, and that’s only because of 4IR tech. To restore liberty in America, Europe and Australia we should totally drop participating in the 4IR arms race and instead build more and better nuclear weapons, both offensive and defensive.

We have 70 years experience with handling the nuclear arms race. But the 4IR arms race is way too much terra incognita, full of unknown surprises that can be more apocalyptic than a relatively “simple” and familiar 2IR / 3IR nuclear arms race.

The continued development of 4IR tech in America and Europe will make it easier for external enemies to exploit the chaos created by 4IR tech in order to destroy constitutional democracies from within. Authoritarian states can’t do that if we return to the freedom we had prior to the rise of Big Tech in the late 1990s.

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