Deepfake government disinformation can obliterate all militant resistance

When Fusion AI surveillance is combined with high-quality deepfakes it will be even more difficult to organize a resistance movement when trying to fight global Big Tech overlords. That is why resistance must happen now, before it will be too late.

Wired (Feb 14, 2021):

Authoritarian Regimes Could Exploit Cries of ‘Deepfake’

“Identifying doctored videos is essential. But assuming everything is faked allows autocrats to cast doubt on real videos of their violence.” (…)

“There are no easy solutions. We must support stronger audiovisual forensic and verification skills in the community and professional leaders globally who can help their audiences and community members. We can promote the widespread accessibility of platform tools to make it easier to see and challenge the perennial mis-contextualized or edited “shallowfake” videos that simply miscaption a video or do a basic edit, as well as more sophisticated deepfakes. Responsible “authenticity infrastructure” that makes it easier to track if and how an image has been manipulated and by whom, for those who want to “show their work,” can help if developed from the start with a consciousness of how it could also be abused.”

“We must also candidly acknowledge that promoting tools and verification skills can in fact perpetuate a conspiratorial “disbelief by default” approach to media that in fact is at the heart of the problem with so many videos that in fact show reality. Any approach to providing better skills and infrastructure must recognize that conspiratorial reasoning is a short step from constructive doubt. Media-literacy approaches and media forensic tools that send people down the rabbit hole rather than promoting common sense judgement can be part of the problem. …”

The last two paragraphs above just confirm that deepfake tech has created a problem that can in principle not be solved if you live in a hyper-polarized multicultural society where aggressive factions don’t trust each other. Trusting videos or audio messages is basically impossible in such situations because you can’t verify that your enemies don’t have access to new deepfake technologies which your own anti-deepfake tech can’t detect.

Bruce Schneier, a tech security expert at Harvard, discusses incredible new deepfake detection programs here:

Detecting Deep Fakes with a Heartbeat

Schneier: “Of course, this is an arms race. I expect deep fake programs to become good enough to fool FakeCatcher in a few months.”

In the Wired article above we can read that:

” … Skeptical audiences and public factions second-guess the evidence to reinforce and protect their worldview, and to justify actions and partisan reasoning. In the US, for example, conspiracists and right-wing supporters dismissed former president Donald Trump’s awkward concession speech after the attack on the Capitol by claiming “it’s a deepfake.””

We can assume that Western governments will only rely on deepfakes in very dire emergency cases where the elites face a real existential threat, because if they use deepfakes too often nobody will believe corporate media at all. One can therefore assume that 95% of average news is somewhere in the ballpark of truthiness = real facts tainted by spin, unfair reframing, biases and subtle lies of omissions. Corporate media saves the big lies to when it really counts, like we saw regarding the false claims about WMDs prior to the Iraq War, 2003.

But deepfakes will soon reach a point of development where it can easily contribute to neutralizing all militant resistance to Big Tech surveillance.

Imagine a scenario where a militant group is using some kind of intercom to communicate during an attack on a Big Tech facility. Suddenly their leader orders them to stand down and withdraw. But the message is a deepfake created by a private military company (PMC).

In other words, the government is generally presenting truthiness when communicating with common people, but the CorpState may easily outsource deepfake operations and illegal surveillance to PMCs owned by shell companies controlled by corporate elites running Western states today.

Tim Shorrock: Spies for Hire – The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing

Another scenario: thousands of rioters storm a government building, while corporate media and politicians actually speak in a manner of truthiness when communicating with people, but a third-party actor, perhaps a non-Western multinational corporation or a foreign intelligence agency, decides to mess with the insurgents by releasing a deepfake where the leaders of the uprising appear to demand an end to the riots.

What’s the point of messing with insurgents in the way described above? Answer: when the next rebellion occurs, rioters will be unstoppable. They will be all in. Without any leader being able to give orders during the riot it can be full mayhem.

Presupposing of course that quantum computers have hacked encrypted messaging services or the communication devices of each militant leader has already been hacked on the deepest hardware, firmware/OS level.

In the book No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald tells how Edward Snowden revealed that:

“The NSA routinely receives—or intercepts—routers, servers, and other computer network devices being exported from the United States before they are delivered to the international customers. The agency then implants backdoor surveillance tools, repackages the devices with a factory seal, and sends them on. The NSA thus gains access to entire networks and all their users.”

Responsible leaders, who are not reckless, will hesitate to start a riot in the first place when knowing that (instantly deleted) deepfakes may incite insane violence during a riot.

Uncertainty is pacifying. Doubt is pacifying. The mere existence of deepfakes can have a pacifying effect on people and lead them to think that resistance is hopeless, pointless.

Deep fakes and surveillance tech are improved every month, every year. Big Tech has time on its side. If they meet no resistance the next 1-3 years, all future resistance will most likely be impossible. It’s basically now or never.

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