Cashless society = gun “registry”

Just see 3:00 – 4:27 min into this video about how governments can track everything you buy, including guns, in a cashless society.

If you are a liberal opposed to the Second Amendment you may think that a cashless society is a great idea, but then consider this:

1) those who support the Second Amendment have good reason from their perspective to literally start a civil war if that is necessary to stop a cashless society in the West. The globalist elites are aware of this, so they’ll be motivated to speed up the roll out of omnipresent surveillance in order to stop potential Second Amendment insurgents.

2) do you know which regime in world history managed to eradicate a significant portion of organized crime? The fascist regime of Mussolini. A state so powerful that it can stop all crime is a totalitarian state.

Drug cartels and terrorists will be motivated to use WMDs to stop a cashless society. WMDs in the age of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) can be very deadly.

You might say that people can rely on gold if there is no cash. But shops are not set up for payments in gold, and governments may forbid such transactions or ban privately owned gold, as the “liberal” FDR once did.

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