Woke AI …and Norman Bates AI

What an AI robot learns depends on the data you feed it. Give it a lot of morally bad data and it will become evil.


Are you scared yet? Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI

Liberals have the last years warned about AI biases that discriminate people.

Review: Weapons of Math Destruction

“In an important new book, Cathy O’Neil warns us that algorithms can and do perpetuate inequality”

AI transhumanism is controlled by ultra-liberals on the American coasts. It’s therefore predictable that this elite will gradually change their algorithms until your life is controlled or influenced by woke AI. If nobody stops this development it will be almost predetermined that the brain of your children or grandchildren will literally be controlled by woke computer games:

Neuralink will render video games directly onto the brain | Jim Keller and Lex Fridman

Woke AI forgets white kids in children’s book:

Talking with an AI Robot

But after woke humans corrected the AI’s mistake and included white kids in the children’s book isn’t it good that they and the AI created a book with characters that children from all cultures can identify with? At first glance yes, but this idea reveals the globalist power agenda of Big Tech: it wants to create products that can be mass-produced on a global level, sold in all cultures, making Big Tech a lot of money and securing that its billionaire owners are perceived as the benevolent “anti-racist” rulers of the world. A true nationalist, however, doesn’t seek global power and is therefore happy with the modest goal of writing a book for kids in his or her own nation.

Woke robots are going to be “caretakers and guardians of humanity”, see 04:50 – 05:07 and 08:05 – 08:27 minutes into this crazy video where those involved are unaware of how insane they appear (from a down-to-earth Buddhist perspective for example):

Sophia the Robot’s 5th Birthday Surprise

Whether you personally support woke values or oppose this lifestyle isn’t the main point because what matters in our context is that cultural conservatives will be motivated to destroy woke AI, which motivates the ultra-liberal elite to put conservatives under surveillance.

The only thing that will save the ultra-liberal elite and secure its future domination in the West is the fact that today’s conservatives appear to have no balls (or no brains when using terrorism as a method to defeat the globalist woke elite, a method that only backfires politically).

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