Elon Musk is a neo-eugenicist in the same destructive ballpark as the Nazi medical profession

The planetary and inter-planetary projects of Elon Musk definitely puts him in the same megalomaniac category as Albert Speer, the Nazi architect. His transhumanism project Neuralink is neo-eugenics. But does Musk experiment on people against their will? There is no evidence of that, but Musk is indirectly much more destructive than Mengele ever was. Because Musk knows that:

1) creating AI is like summoning the demon, and still he is a main driver of AI development, which proves that he is evil, got a split personality or is an incredibly smart fool.

2) Musk can try to argue that Neuralink is intended to help humans keep up with AI, but giving computers direct access to the human brain is the fastest way for AI to conquer humanity, so Musk is tricking people into accepting a cyborg lifestyle that will enslave them, which makes him evil.

3) Musk knows that his AI and biotech projects will significantly contribute to a new global arms race, aka Cold War 2, forcing China and Russia to develop 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech which “liberals” in American coastal states were the first to create. Musk’s projects will tempt leaders in authoritarian states to experiment on humans in order to beat Musk in the AI arms race he maintains and sustains together with other “liberal” neo-eugenicists in the West. And when the future of the West is imminently threatened by China’s or Russia’s breakthroughs in cyborg tech how long will it take before the corporate-military complex in America will start to secretly experiment on homeless people and illegal immigrants from Latin America? For more on torture supported by the CIA look at Guantanamo and death squads in South America, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

4) Musk knows that his AI transhumanism projects and global propaganda through the megalomanic Starlink network can trigger WMD terrorism because his crazy attempt at playing God contradicts the values of billions of conservatives worldwide, increasing the risk that religious terrorists will use any means necessary to stop him.

5) a lot of violence will erupt in America and Europe when humans become unemployed because of AI robots taking their jobs.

6) despite his green image (for the rich who can afford his cars) Musk encourages a culture of consumption that destroys the environment and thereby also kills people.

7) Musk built a factory in China despite being aware of the KZ camps in Xinjiang.

If one just looks at long-term destructiveness you can say that Musk and Mengele are in different corners of the same ballpark. The processes that Musk contributes to will lead to 1) a fully developed Brave New World of omnipresent surveillance, 2) AGI replacing humanity, or 3) a post-apocalyptic society if Cold War 2 triggers WW3. It will only be luck if we avoid these horrible scenarios. Musk is playing Russian roulette with humanity. The humans who survive 4IR will remember Musk, not Mengele.

If Musk had attempted to start his projects in the 1970s, he would have been locked up in a mental institution, but since the Asperger’s in Silicon Valley have managed to get “ordinary” people dependent or addicted to the Internet, even doctors and psychiatrists, it has become culturally acceptable to openly flash sick megalomania, which makes it appear “normal”, not pathological. Eugenics was “normal” in Nazi Germany too, after Goebbels and others used new infrastructure and mass media technologies to impress and spellbind ordinary people.

It’s obviously true however that Mengele directly killed and tortured people, something Musk has never done.

It’s also true that Musk might get lucky and discover new life-saving tech, similar to how the Nazis discovered that it saves lives if people quit smoking.

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