The difference between leftist anti-surveillance and rightwing opposition to Big Tech tyranny

The liberal/libertarian or anarchistic Left is opposed to neoliberal surveillance because they are either against the rightwing state or they want to abolish the state entirely. This often includes a desire to abolish conservative religion, traditional family values and nationalism. The (far) Left is therefore in principle also opposed to all wars fought by Western constitutional democracies, since the latter are perceived by leftists as (almost) being crypto-fascist states or expressions of capitalist imperialism.

Cultural conservatives, on the other hand, view illegitimate surveillance as being mainly a question of 1) scale, and 2) competency. Some degree of surveillance is always an evil necessity, in order to protect constitutional democracies. Competent policing and competent warfare, based on respect for universal human rights, are justified.

For example, when Joe Pistone infiltrated the mafia it was fair game. If the CIA uses HUMINT to locate a notorious terrorist who is without any doubt a mass murderer, like the psychopaths in ISIS for instance, then I support a sniper killing him. In the early or middle 2000s I was not opposed to the idea of using a drone to kill an infamous terrorist in an area where no civilians could get hurt. But after almost two decades of failures it’s clear that Western forces (or their leaders) lack the competency (or honest will) to fight in the name of democracy-building abroad. I’m therefore no longer on the same side of the ballpark as the neocons. Today, I’m mainly a political realist, without falling into the trap of moral relativism.

It’s the (criminal) incompetency of the CorpState (Big Business and Big Government) and its expansion of the normal surveillance we had in the 80s/90s to the Big Tech total surveillance we see now that makes it necessary to say more than just: don’t tread on me. We need to actively fight this neoliberal, fascistoid, globalist elite, if nobody has a better legal solution.

The above follows logically from the principles of Jeffersonian democracy. The validity of these principles are obviously independent of each person defending them. All human beings have flaws and weaknesses. But that doesn’t weaken the ideals we try to live up to.

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