Do you have a solution to stopping Big Tech surveillance?

Please read the intro at if wondering why I’m asking this question here:

Do you have a more nonviolent and less complicated way of stopping Big Tech surveillance than the solutions described in the article linked below?

If you say that consumer boycotts, street protests and other types of civil disobedience, in the tradition of Gandhi, is a realistic solution, then you must present how one can (within 1 to 3 years) mobilize tens or hundreds of millions who are willing to use these methods, because they will be ineffective otherwise.

If you are a (computer) engineer who have found a technical hardware or software method that can effectively stop Big Tech surveillance in a nonviolent way, then your solution must satisfy two democratic and non-elitist requirements:

Common people with no math skills but with basic logical abilities must be able to personally verify that 1) your technical fix is hundred percent hacker proof today, and 2) the AI and quantum computers of secret corporate or government labs will not be able to neutralize your fix in a distant future.

I suck at math but I’m a pretty logical individual, so if a tech engineer can convince me that 1) and 2) have been satisfied, then we are one step closer to finding better solutions than the ones described here: (DSI) has a very pragmatic attitude when it comes to assessing which strategy or tactic is the best way to stop the Fusion AI drone and IoT surveillance of Big Tech. I have written this article here in the hope that the “wisdom of crowds” will make it possible to find better nonviolent anti-surveillance solutions than l’m able to discover alone.

If you have good ideas please present them on Gab or Minds, @andreaswinsnes, and then I will publish them on the more “academic” DSI website if your solution is presented in a scholarly manner. If you just want to brainstorm some ideas, in a non-academic way, then I’ll still mention them on the DSI website if they are good, and of course give you credit for it.

Before just throwing out ideas please think them through carefully, by “red teaming” how the Machiavellians and super-smart engineers at Big Tech will try to neutralize your solutions.

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