Multiculturalism = increased rightwing terror = more surveillance

Some lefties and rightwing libertarians (like heterodox Tim Pool?) may believe that if one eradicates “white nationalism” in Europe or “white ethno-imperialism” in America and Australia, then it will finally be peaceful harmony and the need for mass surveillance will therefore disappear. Here’s two reasons why this assumption is wrong:

1) Human beings are violent carnivores, cf the bloody slaughterhouses in the meat industry, and about one percent are psychopaths, cf Robert D. Hare, and more are narcissists and Machiavellians who will abuse and corrupt any powerful ideology, such as nationalism for example, to twist it into (red) fascism or (British “liberal”) ethno-imperialism.

You can’t get rid of “dark triad” people (psychopaths, narcissists and Machiavellians) because they are an inherent part of human neurodiversity. Simply put in Darwinian terms (if that is your worldview): evolution “created” the dark triad, through natural selection, to be fearless hunters, devious warriors and/or self-occupied individuals only focused on their own survival and well-being. Ethno-imperialism will therefore exist in all ethnic groups that for some reason or another – usually superior weaponry – get an opportunity to conquer other ethnic people.

Some dark triad individuals today will always feel more at home in subcultural ethno-fascist groups where they can express beastly will to power in harmony with the law of the jungle. Consequently, the more immigrants live in a state traditionally controlled by one large mono-ethnic group, the greater is the risk that dark triad fascists (white supremacists in America) will commit acts of terror. It’s therefore inevitable that a multicultural state becomes a surveillance state, to prevent ethno-imperialistic terrorism.

Even if you, very hypothetically, eradicate 99.9 % of all ethno-imperialists in America – which is impossible because the eradicators are themselves imperialistic occupiers of native land in the US – there will still be 25 000 descendants of European settlers and many white supremacists in America. And they will be mad as rabid dogs when woke “Leninists” (aka authoritarian/hawkish ultra-“liberals”) try to exterminate them all. FBI, NSA and CIA must therefore have massive budgets to stop fascist solo terrorists.

Let’s look at a slightly more realistic attempt to eradicate or “deradicalize” genuine white supremacists, defined as people who believe their biological race is superior to other races. In polls it’s probably impossible to get white people to answer honestly about whether they believe their own race is biologically superior, but let’s just pretty randomly assume that 0.1% of 250 million white Americans are true biological racists. This constitutes a group of 250 000 people. If you somehow manage to deradicalize 99% of them, there will still be 2500 white supremacists left. And one can assume they will be very hardcore, very angry, very violent, after this witch hunt done by woke McCarthyists. Surveillance, to prevent them from committing acts of terrorism or recruiting new white supremacists, must therefore be pretty massive in this hypothetical scenario despite true racism having been almost eradicated.

Even extremely rich and peaceful ultra-woke Norway got people like Anders Behring Breivik, which “justifies” the need for mass surveillance in this new multicultural state (unlike how Norway was in the 1960s and early 1970s).

2) Then we have true nationalism which is always an anti-imperialistic ideology, per definition. Nationalism, or defensive (pan-)ethnocentricity, will probably never disappear (cf John Mearsheimer), similar to how tribalism and group-think will not go away either.

Europe is the second smallest continent, much smaller than it looks on the map. Here you can expect that nationalists will always defend their nations against imperial multicultural globalists, in the same way that Germanic tribes fought the Roman Empire in 9 AD. Expel invaders and intruders. That’s always the first rule of nationalism in international politics.

I myself view skin color as a biological marker indicating cultural origin and cultural belongingness to a territory – like Northern Europe for instance – which your ancestors have defended for millennia (or many centuries), so I’m therefore a white-skinned anti-imperialistic moderate nationalist supporting inter-national economic justice for all developing nations, thereby reducing immigration from these countries.

Digression: sorry for the long sentences in my articles but it’s partly intended to make it more difficult for hypocritical woke corporatists to quote me out of context.

I’m not a melting-pot libertarian like Tim Pool for example, though I agree with much of what he says, because he’s a freethinker, a hyper-individualist going his own way.

I only support nonviolent sabotage of multicultural institutions and facilities in Europe. But if just 0.01 % of all Europeans support violent methods in defense of their own national cultures, in the same way that many used violence to fight imperial Nazis during WW2, there will be over 74 000 violent nationalists in Europe. The globalist elite in Europe will naturally be tempted to (secretly) use Fusion AI surveillance to prevent these activists from contributing to even more “balkanization” of today’s multicultural Europe. Massive surveillance, based on neo-Titoism, is therefore inevitable, if globalist imperialists continue to run Europe.

I very basically don’t care what happens in America and Australia – as long as it doesn’t influence Europe – because ideally it follows with logical necessity from the core premiss of nationalism that these two continents only belong to Native Americans and Aboriginals. Afro-Americans too are occupiers of the land which ideally belongs to the original natives on that continent. That is why I just laugh at the evil woke hypocritical imperialist liars who accuse me of “white supremacy” when I defend true nationalism. I ignore these primitive uneducated evil idiots in the same way I ignore the opinions once expressed in Pravda.

Realistically, however, one can’t expect that the European, Asian and African occupiers of the Americas will ever return to their own continents. An imperialist like Tim Pool for example will maybe just refer to race-blind libertarianism to justify being a basically illegitimate settler. At least ethno-imperialists are honest about their desire for occupying the land of weaker people. They don’t apologize for it.

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