US covers up Chinese hack, so why trust them on surveillance?

Bruce Schneier, a tech security expert at Harvard, writes:

Chinese Supply-Chain Attack on Computer Systems

“Bloomberg News has a major story about the Chinese hacking computer motherboards made by Supermicro, Levono, and others. It’s been going on since at least 2008. The US government has known about it for almost as long, and has tried to keep the attack secret” (…)

“This is a follow on, with a lot more detail, to a story Bloomberg reported on in fall 2018. I didn’t believe the story back then, writing:”

“I don’t think it’s real. Yes, it’s plausible. But first of all, if someone actually surreptitiously put malicious chips onto motherboards en masse, we would have seen a photo of the alleged chip already. And second, there are easier, more effective, and less obvious ways of adding backdoors to networking equipment.”

“I seem to have been wrong. …”

Okay, so if you trusted Schneier – the great expert – in 2018 it seems you were pretty maliciously screwed by the Chinese.

But when it comes to potentially genocidal Fusion AI surveillance in cities like New York let’s just trust that our globalist governments will be honest and transparent. Let us trust them with the lives of our children and grandchildren. Let’s do nothing and just accept totalitarian surveillance. After all, this trust worked so well for European Jews in the 1930s. Eugenics was clearly safe in the 1920s, so why worry about transhumanism in the 2020s? I hear the Uighurs love Fusion AI surveillance. Besides, who can seriously believe that the truth about real AI progress and surveillance capabilities will be hidden during Cold War 2? In war, truth is never the first casualty. In Amazon we trust…

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