Sabotaging Big Tech is not mainly about America, it’s about stopping new “digital states” on a global level

Big Tech corporations like Amazon are multinational, above nations, not only because their globalist ideology is anti-patriotic, in principle and per definition, but also because 1) their server parks and assets are spread all over the globe, in Ireland for example, 2) they can afford to hire private military armies that are independent of national armies, and 3) they are so rich and own so much territory worldwide that you can view them as “digital states” that are not essentially dependent on being located in the US.

Pro Robots:

Amazon, Google, Facebook and other global companies will soon replace states?

Big Tech seasteading or Starlink via servers on the Moon are other options for Big Tech in the coming decades, making all resistance impossible (unless you are naive enough to believe that a hero like Matt Damon in the movie Elysium will save us all).

Of course, Big Tech companies are now mainly located on the ultra-liberal coasts of the US, so real patriots in the heartland of America are best located to take them down, but the window for nonviolently sabotaging the most vital and central server parks is closing fast, because Amazon etc has enough money to build underground server parks or build artificial islands or “oil platforms” at sea. They say data is the new oil (because it’s the endless tsunami of new data that teach Fusion AI to improve itself) so creating server platforms in the middle of the Pacific or the Atlantic is one way to get away from militant activists.

Nonviolently deactivating or sabotaging less central nodes, like 5G towers and cutting fiber-optic cables, can still be done by amateur activists, but only until Big Tech has developed recon insect drones that can detect attackers (and incapacitate them).

And how can nonviolent saboteurs stop Starlink?

Right now, Big Tech is counting on dissidents being so demoralized, defeatist and simply confused about current realities that nobody is going to nonviolently sabotage the central nodes in their global networks. Attacking these central tech hubs now, when Big Tech billionaires are relatively unprepared and rather complacent, is therefore still possible. But not for long. For example, their underlings (in NSA etc) are reading my website, so while we are lazy and scared these transhumanists are starting up the engine, getting ready for War on Original Humanity, beginning with the War on “Domestic Terrorists”. The Washington Post, owned by Amazon, writes:

How the Oklahoma City bombing case prepared Merrick Garland to take on domestic terrorism

The Guardian:

Merrick Garland vows to target white supremacists as attorney general

Corporate agents and warfighters express it like this in The Root:

Democrats Are Stuck With a Republican Party Rife With Conspiracy Theorists, Anarchists and Terrorist Sympathizers

Personally, I bet that 1) Big Tech will either win totally on a global level, or 2) the West collapses in ordinary dumb wars and general chaos before the smart warfare of Big Tech is fully online.

A website like DSI will probably have no impact. Networks like Gab will also be ineffective. It’s interesting that ultra-“liberal” globalists present Gab as a network for “extremists”, but I’ve linked all my posts here on DSI to Gab, and it draws almost no attention from Gab users. (If the numbers on my screen are correct and not manipulated by NSA hackers hoping I will give up if thinking that yelling foolishly like a Jeremiah or Cassandra in the empty desert is pointless.)

The threat posed by users of Gab is probably just a mirage, but the globalist woke elite can misrepresent services like Gab in order to scare ordinary citizens and convince them that more Big Tech surveillance is necessary, to stop “domestic terrorists”. While all the people on Gab are in fact “nobodies”, or “irrelevant persons” not even noticed by global billionaires in their everyday stratospheric business affairs, though their underlings – the banks, NSA and corporate media – are busy dealing with us subhumans, to get rid of us, clearing the path to diabolic transhumanism.

But who cares? Who dares to resist it?

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