Fusion AI surveillance is potentially genocidal: Xinjiang China

Wired (Feb 04, 2021):

“But the uncomfortable truth is that fusion’s more dystopian incarnations are already out in the world. Dahlia Peterson, a research analyst at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, told me that fusion architectures are central to the Chinese government’s campaign against dissidents and minority citizens, particularly the Uighur Muslim group. One such system, the Integrated Joint Operations Platform, fuses together facial recognition scans from CCTV cameras; financial, medical, and criminal records; hardware identifiers from smartphones and computers; even mandatory questionnaires that ask residents, among other things, how many times they pray each day. According to reporting by The New York Times, a cloud computing center in Xinjiang, powered in part by chips from Nvidia, can comb through hundreds of millions of photos and reports from the area’s many checkpoints while applying real-time analytics to up to 1,000 CCTV cameras simultaneously. Authorities use the life histories generated by these systems to determine who is “trustworthy.” Those who aren’t often risk being sent to prison or a reeducation camp.”

Fusion AI surveillance is operational in cities like New York. London in 2020 had more CCTV cameras than Beijing.

My own general position regarding China:

CCP under Mao has killed more people than Hitler. From the viewpoint of pure Realpolitik one can understand that Kissinger and Nixon started cooperating with Mao in the early 1970s, but ethically this was exactly like having made a deal with Hitler after Holocaust.

I’m basically unclassifiable, all in all, but for the sake of simplicity you can say that I’m a moderate nationalist and cultural conservative. Nationalism is the most anti-imperialistic ideology, unlike the ethno-imperialist ideology that motivated the (“liberal”) British Empire during the Opium Wars and occupation of Hong Kong. The latter belongs to the nation of China, independently of whether CCP rules in China or not. The population in Taiwan consists mainly of Han Chinese, including nationalists who once fled from Mao, which means that Taiwan is part of China. Or you can say that China is part of Taiwan. They are both the same country, the same civilization state.

Digression: to see the nuances of British imperialism this section taken from the book Empire by Niall Ferguson should give you an idea of liberals’ long historic involvement in attacking other nations: “Increasingly influential in mid-nineteenth-century India was the more secular doctrine of Liberalism. Its eighteenth-century precursors, notably Adam Smith, had been hostile to imperialism. But the greatest of the Victorian Liberal thinkers, John Stuart Mill, took a very different view. In ‘A Few Words on Non-intervention’, Mill asserted that England was ‘incomparably the most conscientious of all nations … the only one whom mere scruples of conscience … would deter’ and ‘the power which of all in existence best understands liberty’. It was therefore in the best interests of Britain’s colonies in Africa and Asia – so he argued in Considerations on Representative Government (1861) – that they enjoy the benefits of her uniquely advanced culture …” Except for this imperialism I support the moderate liberality of John Stuart Mill, because it’s compatible with the moderate conservatism of Edmund Burke.

Tibet belongs to the Tibetans! From the viewpoint of pure Realpolitik it’s unrealistic however to believe that one can ever force a nuclear nation like China to surrender Tibet since it’s a strategic area, in relation to India.

I support the removal of all tyrants, and that is why I also supported America’s interventions in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, but after seeing the (criminal) incompetency of neocons/neoliberals I’m now opposed to the US interfering in areas beyond the West. Today I’m disillusioned. I therefore very reluctantly “support” the schools of political realism, cf Morgenthau, Kenneth Waltz and John Mearsheimer. Recommend all their books, especially The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities by Mearsheimer.

The idealist in me will never in principle abandon the faith in universal human rights and military R2P (responsibility to protect). But today I’m 30% idealist, and 70% realist. It’s a saying that a neocon is a liberal mugged by reality. Similarly, one can say that a supporter of political realism is a “neocon robbed by reality”.

If the nationalistic, cultural conservative and leftwing idealistic aspects of Xi’s philosophy are genuine, then I support this “social nationalism” while in no way trying to use moral relativism to excuse the oppression in China.

As long as truly independent journalists don’t have access to Xinjiang one should not give CCP the benefit of the doubt. If CCP doesn’t immediately allow genuinely neutral journalists to freely visit Xinjiang one should assume that a genocide is going on there and treat CCP accordingly.

It’s in accordance with nationalism, and not appeasement, if America offers a deal to withdraw from Eastern Asia if China stops oppression in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. By stopping oppression I don’t mean that China has to become a democracy. It should instead be a “decent regime” as recommended by the liberal John Rawls in The Law of Peoples.

If Xi continues to spread Fusion AI surveillance to other non-Western countries, then America, Europe and Australia must find a pragmatic way to either stop it or at least prevent it from infecting constitutional democracies in the West.

Fusion AI surveillance is such a threat to entire humanity that WW3 is better than letting it infect the West. At the first sign of a Fusion AI drone attack on the West, just nuke Russia, China and all other authoritarian regimes. Burn it all down, and let original humanity build back better, after only a half billion or less survive WW3.

I have criticized CCP in this article, but China is one of my favorite countries. I’m not denying the positive contributions made to humanity by CCP: elevating poverty. I’m also aware of how the Taiping Rebellion naturally influences the domestic security policies in China. Furthermore, I’m absolutely ruthless in honestly revealing all the oppression done by Americans. The latter are basically Europeans, WASP or “white men”. I can freely criticize my own because 1) I’m a white-skinned moderate nationalist and rightwing Christian opposed to multiculturalism and woke ideologies, 2) I’m grateful for all the conservative Americans who helped liberate Europe during the Second World War, 3) I support the American Constitution which inspired the constitution in Norway, and 4) I love Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The idealistic nationalist in me still claims that America in principle belongs to Native Americans, and that everybody else there should return home, to their original nations, but that is unrealistic of course. In reality, it’s better to make the best out of the current situation, by supporting the best version of the moderate rightwing culture of proud white Euro-Americans. Personally I bet that if anybody manages to save the West from the tyranny of 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution) it will be Christian populists in the heartland of America. If you are like the generations of WW1 and WW2, then I like to thank you in advance.

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