Conservatives are fighting Big Tech, will the Left ever step up?

Leftwing people can sometimes be very good at detecting and describing a social problem, but lefty intellectuals seldom have the bravery needed to walk the talk. There are not many like Edward Snowden, but he was not only a nerd but also in the military. He’s not representative of liberal or libertarian academics.

Another reason I don’t have much faith in the Left’s ability and willingness to fight Big Tech is the fact that ultra-liberals are primarily rationalists, secularists, internationalists and future-oriented believers in progress who want to destroy the limits set by orthodox religion, traditional family values and nationalism.

Big Tech is full of techno-progressives who support transhumanism, cf Elon Musk and Neuralink Many lefty surveillance-critics are not (deeply) opposed to cyborgs if that can lead to a liberal utopia, a “protopia”.

In other words, ultra-liberals have so much in common with Big Tech that few of them are emotionally motivated enough to actively combat a surveillance regime which defends the same “woke” interests that almost all progressives support today.

Too many progressives today are not real socialists fighting global economic injustice. They have instead cozied up to Big Business and Big Government that are filled with Machiavellians who gladly let socialists win the “culture war” as long as they lack real power to challenge the CorpState. Many of these people are fake socialists. They are into woke “capitalism”, often getting their paycheck from corporations and government institutions. They are corporatists while playing “Democrats” and “liberals” in public.

Cultural conservatives, on the other hand, have the opposite values of those progressive interests I mentioned above. They are emotionally motivated to fight Big Tech surveillance, especially when this surveillance is being used to oppress them after the Capitol riot in Washington DC on the 6th of Jan, 2021.

Cultural conservatives view transhumanism as an elitist ideology supported by technocrats playing God. Religious conservatives view it as a diabolic project.

That is why this website focuses so much on the conflict between conservatives and Big Tech, since Lefties don’t seem motivated to actually do something about the problem, except write articles about it and halfheartedly pressure politicians to create new laws that will not really fix the basic problem of surveillance.

The basic problem is that nobody can know whether they are right now under surveillance or not as long as Big Tech exists within the borders of the constitutional democracy they live in.

For the sake of clarity: “Big Tech” refers only to the large digital companies that got power after the late 1990s. This website is not opposed to all the other types of industry, science and technologies we had prior to Big Tech.

Nor is it anything wrong with truly decentralized and safe open source digital alternatives if these can be developed without being bulldozed by the AI and quantum computers of Big Tech in the future.

Cultural conservatives have enjoyed life for centuries and millennia without ever being dependent on Big Tech, an independence which many in the West have now recently lost, since the late 1990s, but if anybody is going to actively resist surveillance tyranny I put my money on cultural conservatives, unless Lefties step up and prove they are more than just empty talk.

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