Cambridge University says one can spot “extremists” because they are mentally retarded

The Guardian:

People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks, research suggests

“Cambridge University team say their findings could be used to spot people at risk from radicalisation” (…)

“A key finding was that people with extremist attitudes tended to think about the world in black and white terms, and struggled with complex tasks that required intricate mental steps, said lead author Dr Leor Zmigrod at Cambridge’s department of psychology.”

““Individuals or brains that struggle to process and plan complex action sequences may be more drawn to extreme ideologies, or authoritarian ideologies that simplify the world,” she said.”

When scientists develop hardware or psychological tools that can be used by the surveillance state to spot dissidents, then it reminds one of the medical profession in Nazi Germany.

When they conclude that dissidents have weaker cognitive abilities than those who work for transhuman CorpState institutions it’s a form of IQ supremacy or intellectual arrogance that brings to mind the word: subhuman.

Want to cause a big crater in the camp of tribal “liberal” university workers (aka “academics)? Here’s the ammo you need:

Bias Is Blind: Partisan Prejudice Across the Political Spectrum

“The results of the meta-analysis were clear: Political bias did not depend on political affiliation, appearing across the whole spectrum. “Our results suggest that liberals and conservatives were both significantly biased in favor of information that supported their ideological beliefs and groups, and the two groups were biased to very similar degrees,” the authors explain.”

Being rational and scientific is a core value of the liberal Enlightenment tradition, so it’s a major blow to liberals that many research papers confirm that liberals and conservatives are more or less equally biased, in their own ways. If liberals don’t have the higher ground in science, they can’t convincingly say: science is with us.

Political diversity will improve social psychological science

“… (1) Academic psychology once had considerable political diversity, but has lost nearly all of it in the last 50 years. (2) This lack of political diversity can undermine the validity of social psychological science via mechanisms such as the embedding of liberal values into research questions and methods, steering researchers away from important but politically unpalatable research topics, and producing conclusions that mischaracterize liberals and conservatives alike.”

Science Denial versus Science Pleasure

” … those on the left are just as skeptical of well-established science when findings clash with their political ideologies …”

Oh, much science in general kind of sucks (big time), including physics:

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility

Not Even Wrong

Lost in Math

I’m not anti-science however. I support the basic view of science that Alan Sokal and Nassim Taleb recommends.

Secondly, the main ethical problem with science is that its inherent desire to map and categorize everything and everyone makes it a form of perfected totalitarian surveillance.

Feyerabend said that proper science is dangerous not because it’s fake or wrong but because it’s an extremely effective way to monitor and control everything and everyone:

“Beneath Feyerabend’s rhetorical antics lurked a deadly serious theme: the human compulsion to find absolute truths, however noble it may be, often culminates in tyranny. Feyerabend attacked science not because he actually believed it was no more valid than astrology or religion. Quite the contrary. He attacked science because he recognized–and was horrified by–science’s vast superiority to other modes of knowledge. His objections to science were moral and political rather than epistemological. He feared that science, precisely because of its enormous power, could become a totalitarian force that crushes all its rivals.”

Was Philosopher Paul Feyerabend Really Science’s “Worst Enemy”?

Retards of the world unite, against the woke corporate fascistoid elite.

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