Smartphone surveillance and authoritarian reeducation centers now exist in the West

I’m a moderate nationalist, so I’m open about my biases in that regard, but scientifically I’m not claiming that multiculturalism is objectively the right or wrong ideal society. Instead I’m stating as a matter of fact that when multiculturalism and neoliberal corporate globalism collide with (radical) nationalists and other types of rightwing movements it will predictably lead to violence and terrorism, especially in times of scarcity, which give governments a reason/excuse for introducing mass surveillance and reeducation centers that brainwash dissidents into accepting “woke” values.


Judge Drops Charges Against White Karen After She Completes Woke Leftist Reeducation Center Session

In China they have reeducation camps. In the West, the elites have “deradicalization” projects designed to deprogram political opponents.

The Supreme Court in Norway has become so literally tyrannical in its violation of human rights that it sentenced a woman to 12 days in jail if she once again exercised her freedom of speech to say: “Go back to Africa where you come from, damn foreigner”. (The combined sentence was 36 days because she after this statement got into a physical altercation with the police.)

Surveillance in the name of multiculturalism, in an attempt to keep a fractured West together and prevent balkanization in Europe and America, is the corporate state version of Titoism. It’s neo-Titoism.

The CorpState pays intellectual midgets to become professors in charge of deradicalization projects = forced reeducation. I support hobbits and I’m only a mediocre scholar myself, but when a state uses the top-down power of university hierarchies and corporate media to spread woke propaganda, then it’s time to openly reject these charlatans.

Genuine dialogue, between equals, is not the same as a deradicalization program where the premise is that one party is already branded as an “extremist” in need of top-down treatment. This latter approach is banal, insulting, intellectually shallow and it often backfires. I will recommend all militant activists not to fear it however. Explore it and see for yourself, if you doubt my biased presentation of it here. But ask yourself this: how many of these state-paid deradicalization “experts” will recommend that you freely explore militant subcultures to hear their side of the story? Not many, so who are narrow-minded? Let’s just say that relatively narrow horizons are common within all ideologies, while all of them have a tiny minority of real freethinkers.

Billions of dollars spent on keeping multicultural states from falling apart could have been used on improving domestic healthcare or increase foreign aid to developing countries where people are dying of poverty. The Supreme Court in Norway will rather spend tax payers’ money on jailing people who exercise their right to speak freely.

Fighting real fascism is good, but not when anti-racism or anti-fascism becomes an excuse for oppression. The official name for the Berlin Wall was the “Antifascist Protection Wall” (Antifaschistischer Schutzwall).

Since the rioters who stormed the Capitol in Washington DC, on the 6th of Jan, 2021, were mostly not connected to far-right groups, it’s scary to see how the neoliberal corporate elite is now using billions of dollars on policing, surveillance and reeducation of Western native populations in order to defend the cheap immigrant labor that rich elites can exploit in multicultural societies, like a domestic version of the (“liberal”) British Empire, cf Niall Ferguson in his book Empire.

And then we fade into tyranny…

When you read the following article through the lens of neo-Titoism, while remembering that Fusion AI surveillance is already operational in New York, and keeping in mind that London in 2020 had more CCTV cameras than Beijing, then it’s terrifying to see the oppression that can now occur in the name of “anti-fascism”.

Cynthia Miller-Idriss and Daniel Koehler write in Foreign Affairs (Feb 03, 2021):

A Plan to Beat Back the Far Right

“… In November, the [German] government approved a mammoth 89-point plan to tackle racism and right-wing extremism, allotting the program more than one billion euros, to be spent over three years.” (…)

“The plan demands that the state clean up its own house first: it requires much more transparency regarding far-right extremism within the police, the military, and other governmental departments, through mandated annual reporting, polls on political attitudes, and a bevy of additional research. …”

“The German Ministry of Defense, for example, now must significantly stiffen punishments for extremist behavior—broadly understood as any act that undermines German democracy or threatens the country’s core values—among active-duty soldiers. The Defense Ministry will also conduct extensive investigations into the prevalence of extremist beliefs among military personnel and will better coordinate with and support the military intelligence agency in its work against extremist radicalization. Federal police, meanwhile, will separately conduct a study on radicalization within its own ranks.”

“The German plan contains several other conventional counterterrorist and security-focused reforms. These include, for example, changes in the German domestic intelligence law to allow for the use of spy software on mobile devices and a revamp of the joint counterterrorism center focused on far-right militancy, adding new personnel and internal working groups on anti-Semitism and deradicalization. Other measures promise to improve coordination across various security agencies and the judiciary and to boost efforts at the state level to combat extremism.” (…)

” … The plan was developed through extensive consultation with migrant communities and victims of racism. It calls for greater civic education about racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia and for strategies to encourage the public to value a diverse and equitable society. … The German plan further demands that government agencies hire employees from more diverse backgrounds to increase cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity to racism within the government and to build a more inclusive government for all.”

” … Many of these programs will be run by nongovernmental organizations, part of a long-standing German tradition of funding NGOs to develop and test new ways of combating the far right.”

“The intent of these initiatives is to foster better collaboration between law enforcement and the nonprofit sector, in the spirit of mutual exchange, learning, and trust building. Specialists from antiracist nongovernmental organizations might, for example, be included in expert commissions, training programs, or advisory boards to support law enforcement operations.” (…)

“An effective response must include a hard look into the ranks of the security services. Active-duty and veteran members of U.S. law enforcement and the military were heavily involved in the assault on the U.S. Capitol. At the time of writing, nearly 20 percent of those charged for involvement in the insurrection are military veterans. In the days leading up to the January 20 inauguration, the FBI and the military vetted all 25,000 National Guard members assigned to inaugural security, resulting in the removal of 12 members, two for possible connections to right-wing extremism. There are some indications that the Pentagon will now step up efforts to address the spread of far-right extremism within the military, but there are currently no concrete government plans to address the problem systemically at a broader national level. This inaction stands in sharp contrast to the German approach, where a dedicated military agency has long been tasked with the responsibility of rooting out extremists within the military and where the new plan launched in November will toughen these obligations across security services and intelligence agencies.”

” … Germany relies on extensive investments in local and national data collection and intelligence monitoring, coupled with educational and youth-oriented programming, training for teachers and social workers, cooperation with civil society and religious groups, support for victims and survivors, and a wide variety of programming to combat online radicalization. By contrast, the United States is far behind in building trust, networks, and improved communication across agencies and between the federal and local governments and communities.” (…)

“The events of January 6 make abundantly clear—if it wasn’t already—that there are already radicalized domestic extremists working to overthrow the government through insurrectionist violence. The country’s law enforcement and security apparatus needs to take this burgeoning threat head-on. But in the long run, unless the United States embraces a whole-of-society approach that can tackle extremist radicalization at its roots, it will continue to live with the repercussions of the violence it saw at the Capitol.”

The above article shows that neoliberal multiculturalists in the West are doubling down instead of admitting that they have a very serious problem when they don’t even trust their own military and police. Which other dictator cleansed and rooted out untrustworthy elements in the military? An authoritarian socialist: Stalin. But even Stalin had to appeal to nationalism to win the war against real fascists.

Today, it’s time for moderate nationalists to take back the West. The neoliberal corporate elite will not allow that. When this conflict is intensified because of overpopulation and climate changes we can expect the full deployment of Fusion AI surveillance. The secret police of the multicultural CorpState will be a high-tech shiny velvet version of Tito’s “Department for People’s Protection” (OZNA). It will continue to be rolled out so gradually that people will probably not experience any major event which suddenly triggers a “turnkey tyranny” (Snowden). Virus lockdowns and similar “states of emergencies” will just be felt as the “new normal”, especially if you are born into it. Brave Sick World is already here.

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