All Gab users are tagged for Fusion AI surveillance

You may think that CorpStates (the mergers of corporations and states) cannot easily track you if you belong to a defiant social media platform that has 4 million users, or 10 million, or maybe half a billion members. Wrong. Fusion AI surveillance is already operational in cities like New York. In China this system can track an urban population of 850 million. Billions can be tracked when tiny recon drones and other sensors are fully deployed in rural areas. Drones and surveillance planes are patrolling the skies in the US:

The Ultimate Guide To Surveillance Aircraft Available To Help Safeguard The Inauguration

Pentagon says use of surveillance planes in protests was legal

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

If people in the 1970s had read the above they would have literally started a war, if necessary, to destroy and wipe out Big Tech, leaving it in rubbles, like it was Berlin 1945. But in our generation almost nobody is man enough to protect constitutional democracies. Or they are just pathetic digital screen addicts.

If you have read this far, and your ego has not been too insulted by deliberately harsh remarks, but maybe you are still not willing to stand up and fight Big Tech, then you can continue to read, if you like reading a wall of text, but what’s the point? What’s the point when your defiance is probably fake anyway?

But maybe you still feel too uninformed? Instead of just acting, now, perhaps you need to read more boring texts about Big Tech tyranny? Okay, let me bore you then.

It turns out that the majority of Capitol rioters in Washington DC (Jan 06, 2021) were “normal” Trump supporters who didn’t belong to any far-right (militant) groups:

The ultra-liberal CorpState elite must therefore track all average Trump supporters, moderate nationalists and rightwing populists, to prevent future surprise attacks.

How to Defeat America’s Homegrown Insurgency

After what Snowden has revealed one can safely assume that all users of Gab (and other dissident social media) are automatically tagged electronically, with their IDs stored in the servers of NSA or private intelligence agencies (PIAs), a bit like the Kraal intelligent GPS ear tags used to track and locate animals in the wilderness. When tiny Fusion AI surveillance cameras are (secretly) deployed everywhere, and extremely high resolution cameras, with facial recognition, attached to spy planes that are flying off radar, the ultra-“liberal” CorpState will be able to track you everywhere. This system will also track your kids, because their “mindware” is influenced by you, a dissident (conservative), making them a potential threat to libertine globalists.

The only way for Gab users to restore their “social credit score” is to “repent”, in public, by openly converting to almost anything except culturally rightwing ideologies.

If you don’t bend your knee and repent, hidden algorithms will make your insurance more expensive, because dissidents live more dangerous lives. When applying for a job that humans can do, an AI will deem you more unfit. Applying for a loan? What is the risk that you, an “enemy of the CorpState”, will not pay it back or use it to finance a militant operation? Somehow you will always end up far back in the queue, as a second-class citizen, but without any formal social scoring system to blame, since Western elites marginalize people in a more subtle way than the Chinese.

Cathy O’Neil writes in Weapons of Math Destruction (Penguin):

“Today we’re added up in every conceivable way as statisticians and mathematicians patch together a mishmash of data, from our zip codes and Internet surfing patterns to our recent purchases. Many of their pseudoscientific models attempt to predict our creditworthiness, giving each of us so-called e-scores. These numbers, which we rarely see, open doors for some of us, while slamming them in the face of others. Unlike the FICO scores they resemble, e-scores are arbitrary, unaccountable, unregulated, and often unfair …”

In the book Originals by Adam Grant, with a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook, we can read:

“Not long ago, economist Michael Housman was leading a project to figure out why some customer service agents stayed in their jobs longer than others. Armed with data from over thirty thousand employees who handled calls for banks, airlines, and cell-phone companies, he suspected that their employment histories would contain telltale signs about their commitment. …”

“Hunting for other hints, he noticed that his team had captured information about which internet browser employees had used when they logged in to apply for their jobs. On a whim, he tested whether that choice might be related to quitting. He didn’t expect to find any correlation, assuming that browser preference was purely a matter of taste. But when he looked at the results, he was stunned: Employees who used Firefox or Chrome to browse the Web remained in their jobs 15 percent longer than those who used Internet Explorer or Safari.”

So, you may think you have nothing to hide, but even “insignificant” data about you, collected through surveillance/monitoring and surveys, can determine whether you get a job or not, based on obscure correlations detected by AI.

But, hey, why bother resisting Brave New World when you can instead play a computer game or stream a cool movie?

Who are afraid of DSI?

The tyranny of Fusion AI surveillance is the reason why (DSI) argues in an open and legal manner that the best moral option is to nonviolently deactivate or sabotage the dual-use infrastructure of Big Tech.

You may assume that reading articles on the DSI website will get you into more trouble with the authorities than just being a Gab user. But that is definitely not the case.

Firstly, you are already branded as a (potential) “enemy of the CorpState” by having simply created a Gab account (as long as you don’t shut it down and repent in public).

Secondly, Gab does actually have users who defend violence against the globalist elite. Knowing this and still being on Gab makes you “guilty by association”, in the eyes of “Red Guard” woke zealots and hawkish neoliberals who dream of transferring all rightwing “domestic terrorists” to black sites, for a little “enhanced interrogation”.

DSI, on the other hand, is explicitly and unambiguously stating that all terrorism is evil, and that terrorists are basically in the same category as psychopaths willing to kill children. DSI only defends nonviolent sabotage, if no legal methods work better. Western intelligence communities (IC) have monitored me for 30 years, so they know what I stand for. After reading my unassessed Dr Philos thesis about militant activism a philosophy of law professor offered me a well-paid job (1000 kroner an hour) to teach philosophy of law at the Faculty of Law, at the University of Oslo – – but I said no because I think this high status is unchristian. The IC notices stuff like that. One can speculate that the IC in one way is actually more tolerant of DSI than Gab, according to the logic: better a nonviolent opponent you know than a potential terrorist you don’t know (in a sea of 3-4 million Gab users).

DSI is clearly stating that nobody should interpret our website as being an incitement to nonviolent illegal activity. This featured article here makes it impossible for any reckless or evil activist to claim that his/her unethical militant operation was incited by DSI.

Thirdly, I wildly speculate that the private armies guarding Big Tech will view any nonviolent sabotage attack as being more of a “red teaming” exercise, compared to what they really fear in Cold War 2: violent proxy attacks, including terrorism planned by cartels that rightly judge Fusion AI drone surveillance as an existential threat to all outlaws. DSI is very insignificant (and maybe forever just a paper tiger) compared to the main players in Cold War 2.

However, the advantage if you and many others tell millions of cultural conservatives about nonviolent sabotage tactics against Big Tech is that FBI must then search for a needle in a very large haystack if anybody nonviolently deactivates or sabotage the surveillance infrastructure of Big Tech.

I’m not saying that you should necessarily share articles from DSI with many people. The best is to only use word of mouth, when no mobile phones are present, to spread info about tactics and sources published here, without mentioning me or DSI.

In the 1990s, I had my share of national media attention in Norway, so I have felt the emptiness of that. Since 1998 I have only done one single interview, if I remember correctly, as a favor to an acquaintance, and have just written a few op-eds in Aftenposten, Norway’s most respected newspaper. Use Google translate to read in English this short article I wrote in 2009:

Norway is disappearing

I’m generally media shy. Being an open introvert, and a Christian, I feel it to be awkward, primitive and lame when my ego desires public attention. Have also never actively used social media, like Facebook etc, until I joined Gab and Minds after the Capitol riot in Washington DC on the 6th of Jan, 2021. I only mention all this to show that it’s not ego motivations that lead me to ask people to share the info here on DSI. If I wanted cheap and inflated public attention I could have gotten that via mainstream media. They once welcomed me, as long as I didn’t write about militant activism. On Gab, however, I have a slight hope of contributing with my 50 cents (and walls of texts…) to a genuine and effective Resistance.

But whatever you think of DSI and a sinner like me it should be clear, after reading this article, that if any Gab user is scared of being too closely associated with nonviolent militant activism he or she will nevertheless be subjected to Fusion AI surveillance. You have already been tagged. Trying to ignore this fact, by not thinking about it, will just give the CorpState more time to develop a panopticon where you and your children and grandchildren have nowhere to hide. In this system you, a cultural conservative, will live on your knees.

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