WW2 mentality needed to save liberty, stop surveillance, and endure Covid-19

In 1940, the Greatest Generation in the West defended constitutional democracies at the cost of 70-80 million lives. Are we today going to disrespect their sacrifice by allowing globalized elites to use the coronavirus as an excuse for monitoring us all and locking down free societies?

Covid-lockdowns can go on forever. The New York Times:

U.K. Virus Variant Is Probably Deadlier, Scientists Say

“The overall picture is one of something like a 40 to 60 percent increase in hospitalization risk, and risk of death,” Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist and scientific adviser to the British government, said in an interview on Saturday. Referring to the tight restrictions on socializing that are in effect across Britain, he said, “It reinforces the policy measures in place.”

If we had lived prior to the rise of Big Tech there would have been less reason to reject lockdowns because police back in the 60s or 80s didn’t have surveillance tech to control everyone, but this has changed now:


Globalized elites can use virus threats as a never-ending risk that justifies an eternal state of emergency under Fusion AI surveillance that will soon make all resistance impossible.


Covid-19: 10-year jail term for travel lies defended

A global pandemic is the perfect rationale for justifying the worldwide spread of Fusion AI surveillance. It’s this combination of a relatively lethal virus and Big Tech surveillance that will give elites an apparently very good reason and opportunity to control us all, if we are not willing to sacrifice as much as The Greatest Generation in order to defend the freedom we have in constitutional democracies.

If nobody starts to fight ultra-“liberal” Big Tech tyranny, within the next 1-3 years, we can wave goodbye to both liberty and moderate cultural conservatism. Because this elite is aiming for transhumanism, cf Elon Musk and NeuraLink

I’m not optimistic regarding the possibility of creating a broad and wide resistance. I don’t know what is happening offline, but in the online world, at the time of writing, people don’t seem to care (that much) about the surveillance threat. So far (Feb 14, 2021), only about 240 individuals have visited drone-surveillance.info (though it has been less than a month since its creation). If any resistance happens at all it currently appears that it will be up to the 0.3 percenters. Because everybody else, at the moment, doesn’t seem to know, care or believe that young children today will probably grow up in a libertine surveillance hell or at least get habituated to all-pervasive soft totalitarianism, a full-scale Brave New World, in the next 5-20 years, if nobody resists it. Let’s hope things are not what they seem. Maybe we are soon at a critical point where it doesn’t take much to trigger a rebellion and finally organize a resistance movement capable of defending constitutional democracies against totalitarian surveillance. But nothing will happen if everyone hopes that somebody else will organize the (leaderless and cell-based) resistance.

The drawback of being honest and not exaggerating the popularity of this website here is that some will perhaps think that fighting surveillance is a lost cause. But if each individual spreads the word about anti-surveillance tactics (without mentioning my website) to 1-4 other people, when they are online or offline, that alone will have an exponential effect.

The math of all tyrannies: 10 organized men can enslave 100 unorganized men.

The good news is that any young person in his/her twenties now got a cause worth fighting for:


Instead of just playing computer games, watching online videos and complaining about boredom and meaninglessness, you can go out and nonviolently dismantle or deactivate the tyrannical surveillance infrastructure built by CorpStates in the West today.

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