Oligarchy is large-scale centralization which requires surveillance

Webster defines oligarchy as

1 : government by the few

2 : a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes


Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

If the US is ruled by a corrupt elite, then you don’t want it to be in control of Fusion AI surveillance:


But then we read in Vox:

Remember that study saying America is an oligarchy? 3 rebuttals say it’s wrong.

So maybe we should relax, put down our guard and not worry about oligarchic surveillance?


We’ll only get lost in statistics if having the above studies, that were presented by Vox and BBC, as premise when discussing oligarchy. Another unsolvable problem with these studies is the fact that a majority can be quickly or slowly influenced by elites (vocal minorities and economically powerful interest groups). Over a time span of 25 years no group of scientists will be omniscient enough to objectively measure how much mainstream values have been gradually changed and influenced by elites. The latter usually have long-term financial or ideological goals spanning far into the future. Their impact must be measured on a time scale of 25-50 years to really notice their true influence. But this means that history becomes so complex that social scientists will always interpret events and phenomena very differently when assessing oligarchic influence on mainstream culture. The intel they present is therefore not reliable enough for you to act on it or convince your political opponents that your view is right.

Fortunately, there is a much easier approach. We simply define oligarchy as large-scale centralization. A society is a complex organism. This complexity means that if a society grows large and becomes centralized it’s an absolute necessity that you need professionals to govern this society. These professionals, aka politicians, constitute a tiny elite, which logically implies, per definition, that all large-scale centralized societies have to be oligarchies. That’s just an unavoidable fact.

The elites governing large-scale centralized societies will naturally be tempted to make things as efficient as possible, to save energy, but this requires that they must have an overview of everything that is happening in the society they are governing. They have to monitor what is going on. They must put things and people under surveillance. They become control-freaks, aka (red) “fascists”, but always with the best of intentions, of course.

All large-scale centralized states, be it Norway or the US, are oligarchies. Power corrupts, so these states are also unavoidably governments “in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes” (Webster).

The only real solution to the problem of oligarchy is living in small decentralized societies. Though they should have a (nuclear) military alliance to defend themselves against larger states.

A loose network or federation of small and decentralized states is also possible. But once a federation becomes too centralized, which has happened in the US, there will always exist an unavoidable “swamp” of elitists, in places like Washington DC, no matter who is running the country, because power corrupts everyone. Ironically, if even the most honest and sincere populist becomes the president of the US today, he or she will automatically be an oligarch, per definition. And he/she will become corrupted by this power, just like we see in The Lord of the Rings.

Each state in a federation can “easily” avoid the above corrupt development by 1) ignoring orders from Big Government, and 2) not use the services/products of Big Business. In some areas you will then have to accept less efficiency and “endure” all the inconveniences that naturally follow when you slow things down and become more self-reliant and independent from the CorpState (a state with a revolving door between government elites and corporate elites).

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