Climate changes as surveillance justification

Here are three future scenarios regarding climate changes that will all lead to increased surveillance:

1) If you think man-made climate change is a hoax, it follows logically that you are also convinced that the most influential of our globalized politicians are either dangerously misguided and/or evil Machiavellians tricking common people. But if that is the case, you certainly don’t want these fools and psychopaths to be in charge of a potentially genocidal Fusion AI surveillance system already operational in New York today, as documented by Wired (Feb 04, 2021):

2) But let us say (at least for the sake of argument) that man-made climate changes are real. If that is actually a fact, it follows naturally, based on scientific evidence, that consumption must be drastically reduced within 10-20 year. But how can politicians do that without a Great Reset of life in the West? More importantly, how is this planetary reset possible without massive surveillance to quickly detect every rebellion and stop it before it spreads?

3) Now, you may hope that new technologies will save us, the next two decades. It’s possible, it’s not unthinkable. But this new amazing tech will increase the power of globalized elites. Firstly, power corrupts. Secondly, elites don’t have to care about common people when states/corporations don’t need human workers to provide them with energy. Some liberals will say that with free high-tech energy our leaders will give it all away, gratis. And then live in peace as enlightened libertines, hippies and Zen meditators. But they forget that psychopaths, narcissists and Machiavellians are drawn to Big Business and Big Government. Kevin Dutton at Oxford University has done research on this. Forbes:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

It’s notoriously difficult to predict the future, cf Philip Tetlock, but if you still believe, despite 1) – 3), that our globalized elites will not continue to spread massive surveillance, think about the chaos that will follow as a result of overpopulation and financial collapses. How do elites deal with chaos? Surveillance and policing. Not saying the next video is true, right now, but it indicates, together with research done by James Rickards and Toby Ord, that we are on the brink. That will scare elites enough to find safety in surveillance.

Harry Dent: Stock Market 40% Crash in April

Again, the above video is just presented here to illustrate the great uncertainties we face today, without me supporting any statement about exact numbers and dates when things will start to fall apart. The uncertainties alone will justify more surveillance, in the eyes of elites running CorpStates (a state where Big Government and Big Business have basically merged).

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