Research shows ordinary Trump supporters are a threat (and must be monitored)

Robert Pape, a terrorist researcher and political-science professor at the University of Chicago, writes in The Atlantic:

The Capitol Rioters Aren’t Like Other Extremists

“Capitol riot suggests a different and potentially far more dangerous problem: a new kind of violent mass movement in which more “normal” Trump supporters—middle-class and, in many cases, middle-aged people without obvious ties to the far right—joined with extremists in an attempt to overturn a presidential election.” (…)

“But Americans who believe in democratic norms should be wary of pat solutions. Some of the standard methods of countering violent extremism—such as promoting employment or waiting patiently for participants to mellow with age—probably won’t mollify middle-aged, middle-class insurrectionists. And simply targeting better-established far-right organizations will not prevent people like the Capitol rioters from trying to exercise power by force.”

You “normal” Trump supporters out there, get ready for some Fusion AI surveillance:

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