Why drone-surveillance.info isn’t dragged to court

Some may wonder why groups like the Proud Boys are getting a lot of heat while the website drone-surveillance.info is not even deplatformed, at least it’s not totally shadow-banned (so far).

Firstly, it’s true that we have in common with many rightwing militias that we support the original constitutions of Western democracies, but while some militias are tribal and dogmatic we are willing to cooperate with anyone, from left to right, who wants to stop Big Tech surveillance.

This website is based on the principle that an enemy of my enemy is a friend. For example, I will never vote for a person like Trump, but he is a critic of Big Tech companies like Amazon, so I will tactically and temporarily cooperate with all Trump supporters who want to combat Big Tech, in a professional and responsible manner. However, I will also tactically cooperate with moderate liberals or leftwing anarchists for example. If old-school intelligence officers are genuinely against Big Tech, I have no problem with supporting their work in this particular case. This pragmatic and undogmatic attitude, which Churchill also had in many cases, reveals to ultra-liberal Big Tech adherents that I will respect science, logic and facts if it turns out that they actually have the better arguments in open discussions. This alone is de-escalating.

Additionally, while I support all the positive aspects of American culture, all the way back to the first European settlements in North America, I don’t try to hide or excuse the negative aspects. All countries, including Norway, have a bloody history. Slavery was common in Africa, independently of European imperialists. And Genghis Kahn was brutal like Pol Pot, but nobody will hold that against the Mongolians today.

It was arguably genocidal when the British continued to occupy North America despite seeing how European diseases killed many natives. But the first generation of Americans, in 1776, created a constitution which still is a beacon for the free world.

Instead of attacking the conservative heartland of America this website supports the best version of it, on its own premises.

Similarly, it’s better to improve the police than defunding it.

Inspiring people to be better, on their own premises, is wiser than just criticizing them.

This website supports militant activism, but only if it’s done in a way that actually contributes to defending constitutional democracies, in the Western tradition which started in 1776.

We are not dogmatically attached to any resistance method. If nonviolence is the most effective method, then that’s obviously the best option.

When ultra-liberal intelligence communities (IC) read the above they will naturally be less worried, since they know, deep down, that it’s not “extremism” despite perhaps claiming so in public.

In a conflict it’s often better to focus on what people are really feeling, when speaking privately, because group pressure etc can force them to say things in public which they don’t actually support, deep down. This is elementary backchannel diplomacy.

High-entry militant activism

The specific tactics we recommend, in a fight against Big Tech, may explain why the IC have so far decided to prioritize other militant groups.

The IC naturally becomes less worried when seeing that we only encourage amateur activists to engage in ordinary nonviolent civil disobedience or use a method called nonviolent deactivation tactics.

When it comes to professional operations this website is (only) about high-entry militant activism. We therefore get less heat than militias and similar groups that are engaged in low-entry activism.

My writings are a bit like a website for professionals who are interested in doing a nonviolent jewelry heist, in a bank, at night, when civilians are not around. Very few have the skills to do that.

If I had created a website giving advice on how to rob ordinary shops and stores, then that’s illegal activity open to everyone with a gun. If the target had been chain-stores owned by the elite, I would have gotten into a lot more trouble.

Basically every rightwing person can join a militia if having a gun, and this was reluctantly tolerated by the elites, until the assault rifles of some militias were pointed directly at billionaires and politicians at the Capitol in Washington DC.

By deliberately creating a boring website, full of just texts, I’m clearly signaling to the police that I’m not trying to recruit amateurs, not inciting them to engage in risky activities. Had I published short inflammatory texts combined with exciting videos, glorifying attacks on Big Tech in a way that could go viral on the Internet, then I too will disappear rather quickly.

Standard deny and disrupt is ineffective

Firstly, the IC knows that if banning this website one place it will just pop up somewhere else. Deleting all copies of the articles here is not effective either. It doesn’t take much time to basically rewrite them from memory.

Taking me to court will force mass media to cover the story. The elites will do almost anything to prevent that. Because they know that their arguments are just not good enough to refute the arguments I present in favor of militant activism. Mass media prefer to only attack individuals who can’t defend themselves. Pick on somebody your own size? No thanks, that’s not how Machiavellians operate, if they can avoid it.

Using mass media as a pillory didn’t work in my case, they saw that in the 1990s. Corporate journalists also know that if they smear real militant activists too much it can backfire. Not that the global elite is afraid of a fight, but like all predators they prefer to save energy and not waste it on non-essential attacks that might be counterproductive.

Corporate media only unleash their ankle-biters on people that are easily intimidated. But you can’t troll a troll. You can’t shame the shameless. And the narcissistic hypocrite card isn’t that effective if an activist like myself openly admits being a self-occupied hypocrite. The only way of being a true Christian is to admit that you are a sinner. If you do that, the Devil can’t use virtue ethics against you.

Neoliberal corporations have created the most narcissistic and hypocritical culture ever. The cognitive dissonance of champagne liberals shines like a supernova. It’s therefore delightful Machiavellianism when corporate media accuses rebels and militant activists of being attention-craving ego-trippers.

The motto of tyrants: ego-tripping for me, but not for thee.

I’m not a follower and not a leader, but if I had tried to build a group like Proud Boys the “journalists” in corporate media would have tried to undermine my tribal authority in the same way they discredited Enrique Tarrio. But this kind of disrupt and deny tactic is not effective against leaderless resistance and cell-based activism. Even if I had worked for the police, like Tarrio did, it would at most hurt one or two other activists in my cell, if I had one, and it would not have invalidated the facts and the logic of the arguments presented on this website.

However, I speculate that by leaving me alone, after having 1) stopped my Dr Philos thesis about militant activism, and 2) not allowed post-9/11 media to cover what I write about this activism, the IC may find it amusing that some dissidents will suspect that this website is perhaps a honey trap.

I basically don’t care if average radicals on the Internet believe that my writing is a trick, a con, because professional activists are either not online or they access the website through Tor.

Not seeking mainstream influence

Once you stop caring about clicks, influence, “freedom of reach” and your own reputation in mass media, it’s easier to focus on that which really matters: participating in the conflict between elites. Politics is an elite activity. It’s not about winning a popularity contest. It’s a waste of valuable energy if militant activists spend time on convincing average citizens to support the fight against Big Business and Big Government. Let other “radicals” do that, if they want to.

My “elitist” approach is one reason why the fascistoid neoliberal elite is currently not too unrefined and vicious, because I’m kind of “keeping it in the family”. I’m not a populist. Being an aristocrat outcast, from the countryside, there are still enough high-minded leaders in the urban elites who recognize “one of their own”, and I guess that keeps me alive.

Assumedly, the IC let me have this website as an intellectual playground. Having me online is easier for them than having to track me offline. Resourceful activists who are off the reservation, fully back in the game, is a workload. Better to count on a spoiled dog falling back to sleep.

If the IC notices that you are rational enough to understand game theory, they will only escalate if you escalate. Activists who lack impulse control are often dealt with preemptively, in case they do anything stupid that will force corporate media to publicly criticize the IC for not having stopped it.

That my website is not (yet) banned is less strange if taking into account that elites have always tolerated “public secrets”: all the stuff the informed and educated talk about outside mass media.

In one way the police worry less about professional bank robbers than amateurs trying to rob a bank. Since one can also dismiss me as a “white collar activist”, an intellectual, not fitting the media image of an “extremist”, I’m more forgettable in the minds of intelligence officers habituated to look out for “angry white men”.

Finally, since I contribute with many nuances and different perspectives when communicating with militant populists the IC is probably hoping that it will either educate “primitive redneck barbarians” or lead to many of them rejecting me immediately.

At the present moment this website is a paper-tiger, an anomaly, but if the arguments here one day trigger real resistance, which I doubt, the gloves will be off. No self-respecting Machiavellian or high-functioning psychopath will allow anyone to threaten his or her power. That’s just the law of the jungle.

For all I know, after 1/6, the hammer may already have been dropped on me too. But it’s still in the air. I’m “Zen” about that however. Keep calm and carry on. This attitude, combined with British sportsmanship, also has a calming effect on the alpha predators in charge of empires.

The phony war, 1939. Remember that? It appears like we are all fake (or reckless) militant activists today, both left and right. The phony rebellion, will it ever end?

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