Did MSNBC host suggest drone strikes on Trump supporters?

I only cover events related to surveillance. Events that lead to hyper-polarization and fear of political violence can be used to justify surveillance, so it can be important to investigate whether an event is very polarizing. Of course, if MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace actually said (or “dog whistled”) that Trump supporters could be killed as domestic terrorists in a drone strike, it would be an extremely polarizing statement, escalating the conflict between Trumpists and the corporate Establishment even more, giving FBI a reason/excuse to increase surveillance in order to stop extremists who may plan a retaliatory attack on MSNBC and Nicolle Wallace in particular.

When two hyper-polarized tribes watch the same ambiguous and controversial news event it can be like a Rorschach test. Though Nicolle Wallace statements were unclear, giving her critics an opportunity to interpret her words in the most negative way possible, I have to admit that when I listened to what she said I did not interpret it as darkly as The Blaze and Tim Pool have done.

The Blaze reports:

MSNBC host suggests killing American citizens with drone strikes

Tim Pool covers the story, with the headline:

MSNBC Anchor Casually Suggests Targeting Americans With DRONE STRIKES, Panel Doesn’t Bat An Eye

You can hear what Nicolle Wallace said in a video that has a very biased title:

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace advocates the use of domestic drone strikes on Americans.

I had many leftwing friends when hanging out with them in the early 1990s (being the only Catholic), so I know a bit about how they communicate. Since MSNBC is leftwing I first automatically tried to understand the meaning of Wallace’s statements from a rather moderate leftwing viewpoint. I did that in order to actually understand what she really meant, and what she might actually have tried to communicate to others when having a discussion with her fellow lefties/liberals who (somewhat) share her ideological background. Even those who hate MSNBC must interpret her intended meaning correctly if they want to accurately understand their enemy.

I interpreted Wallace’s statements as she saying that: McConnell was very biased/hypocritical when having first supported drone strikes on violence-inciting American Muslims abroad while he didn’t even vote to convict those he believed to have incited a violent insurrection during the Capitol Riot (Jan 6, 2021).

I don’t deny that Wallace’s statements are so ambiguous that it’s not totally irrational to assume that her intentions are much more sinister than how I choose to interpret her. Ultra-liberals have arguably overreacted in an extreme manner after the Capitol riot on the 6th of Jan, 2021, so I certainly understand why some Trumpists don’t give her the benefit of the doubt.

All in all, however, I decide to interpret Wallace as criticizing McConnell for being a biased hypocrite; a hypocrite operating with a double standard when letting his own people off the hook despite having earlier gone to the extreme of supporting (or not objecting to) drone-killing American Muslims who also incited violence.

Wallace is totally exaggerating if she actually intended to compare Islamic terrorists and Capitol rioters, but I think she mentioned the two different groups just to make a point regarding what she perceived as McConnell’s bias, double standard and hypocrisy.

The above is my subjective opinion. I know that many will insist that my interpretation is wrong. I will not waste time on debating this any further, because that’s rather hopeless when a conflict is polarized enough to have already ended in many killings during the last months and years.

But I personally will not hammer Wallace in this particular case.

What I am more worried about is what The Blaze reports at the end of their article:

“Previously, MSNBC contributor and former FBI agent Clint Watts hinted that former President Donald Trump was inciting violence against the U.S. government much like al-Awlaki with the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.”

“Watts told Wallace, “We had a period after 9/11, where we were trying to get ‘left of boom’ as they would say in counter-terrorism. Which is, can you get way up, up the stream of an attack and start to root out all of the confluences which bring about that attack?”

“If you took what President Trump said, and you instead put it in Anwar Awlaki’s mouth, we would be talking about a drone strike overseas,” Watts said on the left-wing cable news network.”

Here you can watch the MSNBC video where the former FBI agent Clint Watts speaks:


I have listened to everything Trump said during the Capitol riot, so if Anwar Awlaki never expressed anything more aggressive than what Trump said, then he was murdered, by Obama, a Democrat.

Biden was vice president under Obama. I kind of get why Trumpists are worried.

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