Deadly vulnerabilities of 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution)

If you have a nonchalant attitude toward sleepwalking into the totalitarian surveillance regime of AI drones and omnipresent IoT, perhaps the following might wake you up, slightly.

We are in Cold War 2, and on top of that we have overpopulation, climate changes, pandemics, and a deep cultural crisis in the West occasionally balancing on an edge between peace and violence, cf the US Capitol riot (Jan 6, 2021). America and Europe have also been relatively de-industrialized, including a huge loss of knowledge about 2IR tech and early 3IR systems, because too many Western young people today have educations in fields not related to essential (manual) work. This makes us very vulnerable if the 4IR system breaks down, since many of our vital services and infrastructure like the electric grid are now reliant on 4IR tech (and those 3IR innovations which are hackable via the Internet).

Not denying that 4IR tech can potentially solve many of the lethal problems we have to deal with in the next decades, but betting everything on the 4IR card is not safe. The larger and more complex a system is, the more fragile it becomes, cf Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan. It’s therefore necessary to have the know-how and tech of 2IR and 3IR as a safety net in case the 4IR system is crippled or destroyed by one or more of the extreme national/global emergencies we’ll probably encounter this century.

When the electric grid in Ukraine got hacked it was easier to restore power because parts of the system had old Soviet tech as backup.

No computer is hacker-proof. The electric grid in the West is so reliant on computers that if hackers destroy it, in the cold of December for example, it will take months or more to bring it back up again, with the result that millions can freeze to death or die because they lack access to food, medicines and fresh water.

The Russians and Chinese (plus unknown actors) have already hacked and infiltrated the electric grid and other vital services, so we are unprepared and probably totally screwed if Cold War 2 becomes deadly hot tomorrow.

If Europe is invaded, or America is attacked with new 4IR weapons, hostile hackers can exploit health information and other personal data stolen from clouds and servers operated by companies like Amazon.

We now live in a very dangerous world that has become extraordinary absurd and surreal because of 4IR tech. If you are over 50 years old you remember that the 1990s, prior to Big Tech, were calm, stable and normal compared to the relatively insane and partly unhinged societies we now have to endure in the West. Even the nuclear threat in the early 1980s didn’t lead to the mind-boggling chaos we experience today. The human brain can’t understand the black box of AI, so 4IR tech is literally mind-blinding, pushing us into a new Dark Age, cf James Bridle.

I seriously doubt that this website can be a wake-up call, but if it somehow contributes a little to bringing humans down to earth, back from cyberspace, it’s worth it.

Tragicomically, and hypocritically, the info here is presented in cyberspace, so it will most likely just disappear there or keep people online when reading it before surfing on to another digital distraction…

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