IoT drone synergy

The reach of surveillance can increase significantly when different monitoring systems work together. Today the main culprits are: smartphones, credit/debit cards, IoT, drones, and monitors in the sky/space.

In addition we have private spy agencies, owned or hired by Big Business, that through hacking can get access to building blueprints, health records in clouds, and (sensitive) demographic data similar to the ones which the Nazis used to locate Jews and arrest them. They discovered that the census can be genocidal.

The Holocaust happened partly because common people in the 1930s didn’t understand how relatively new bureaucracy, science and industry back then could be used against them, cf “Modernity and the Holocaust” by Zygmunt Bauman. Even Holocaust-deniers can easily see the threat posed by these innovations because Stalin also relied on them to oppress people.

The surveillance systems of Nazi and Stasi Germany were rudimentary and half-built compared to the surveillance of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The synergy of 4IR surveillance devices will in the next 5-10 years lead to almost worldwide omnipresent monitoring of cities, forests and mountains. Nowhere to hide. High-altitude drones and cheap low-orbit micro-satellites, in addition to millions (or trillions) of insect drones, will then oversee everything and everyone, as if living in an open prison.

Even if today’s AI may not develop as quickly as first expected the synergy of 4IR surveillance devices can make up for it. A driverless car needs very good narrow AI in order to protect lives, but an insect drone only needs what I call recon spatial orientation AI, plus a tiny camera with facial recognition to follow a person wherever he or she goes. RSO-AI is relatively simple, because it will only be used to help a very tiny insect drone fly automatically inside the rooms of buildings. This can “easily” be done if you have access to building blueprints while IoT devices inside rooms secretly operate as beacons for a drone, helping it to orient itself and find a spot where it can hide and monitor people. The mics of the drone can learn to identify a person by detecting the unique sound signature of his body when living inside a house.

IoT will relatively soon exist inside every sold thing, from water bottles to ovens and all other electronic devices where it’s easy to hide hardware and/or software that can guide insect drones.

After the US Capitol riot (Jan 6, 2021) few conservatives will trust that ultra-liberal CorpStates will respect formal laws banning surveillance. These laws will probably be secretly ignored in the new war on domestic terrorism.

Just the normal sound emitted from all electronic devices can help a drone orient itself and fly toward the noise from a refrigerator where it can land, looking identical to a tiny fly, before it moves behind the fridge and hides there until moving to a better vantage point where it can film and record what’s happening in the room.

Will anti-surveillance equipment be good enough to stop secret drones and IoT monitoring? Firstly, how can you know that an allegedly independent anti-surveillance firm is not indirectly owned by a large corporation? Secondly, it’s very naive to believe that NSA doesn’t have the ability to create surveillance equipment that will go undetected by any civilian anti-surveillance tech.

Surveillance is easier in a cashless society. Every time a credit/debit card is used in a store it can send a signal to an insect drone that will wait for you outside when exiting the store.

If your “social credit score” is low, expect a lot of surveillance, as already seen in the 1984 of today’s China. In the Brave New World of the ultra-“liberal” West, the surveillance will in some ways be more stealthy, seemingly less intrusive, always justified by some good cause (as in China): anti-terrorism, anti-crime, anti-pandemics, and “anti-vulnerability” in general. Even walking down a stair can be dangerous, so we better monitor all stairs, so that an ambulance can quickly arrive the moment somebody falls down it. It’s all for your own safety.

Criminals are already struggling in cashless China. Will drug cartels in the West go down without a fight? Or will they blow up the headquarter of a company like Amazon (and plant evidence leading the police to investigate a Christian militia)? That’s actually a reasonable question in the new era of stealth wars, cf the warfare doctrines of China and Russia. China has a significant presence in outlaw Mexico, not far from Big Tech in California.

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