Drone attacks on nuclear weapons

I personally don’t support Big Tech’s drone and IoT surveillance, obviously, but the standards of science demand that one also present the best arguments in favor of Big Tech.

One such argument, from a military perspective, is that it takes a drone swarm to combat a drone swarm, or put differently: the only thing worse than millions of drone swarms is not having millions of drone swarms (to defend a country against countless enemy aerial bots).

In the sixth chapter of the book “Nanoweapons” (University of Nebraska Press, 2017) by Louis Del Monte, one can read how nuclear weapons can be disabled in their silos if a swarm of literal nanobots, each smaller than an oxygen molecule, penetrate the airtight container of a nuclear payload. This will probably happen in a relatively distant future, maybe 30 to 50 years from now, if we are not surprised earlier by an enemy with unexpected capabilities. The point however is that if the military-industrial complex of Big Tech don’t start to prepare for this now, by slowly developing smaller and smaller drones, the nuclear weapons in the West can become ineffective as a deterrent.

Here’s the counterargument however: a hostile nanodrone swarm will be programmed to fly in the direction of nuclear material. A way to prevent that, in a manner relying (mostly) on tech prior to the “fourth industrial revolution”, is to build a dome (of glass) above and beneath a nuclear launch platform. This dome can be surrounded by another dome large enough to cover a few buildings where officers can live, in full quarantine, similar to a level 4 biolab. A third much larger dome can then cover a square kilometer outside the second dome. On the outside of this third dome, radioactive material can be placed, as bait for attacking nanobots, with a fourth airtight dome preventing anyone and anything – except bots smaller than oxygen molecules – from entering the area containing nuclear decoys.

All infrastructure in Western societies, such as electric power plants, should return to only using old non-digital mechanics that are robust enough to withstand drone attacks. It was old Soviet mechanics that partly saved Ukrainian power plants from hacking attacks in the 2010s.

If a nanobot attack on the above-mentioned domes are detected, fire nuclear missiles at all non-Western empires and all rogue states. Undercover officers and SF soldiers should monitor terrorist groups with (potential) nano capabilities and silently take them out.

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