Should conservatives build their own systems, not fight back?

After many conservatives have been banned and marginalized in today’s ultra-liberal Western societies many of them claim that conservatives must build their own systems, in entertainment, IT, banking etc. But is this a realistic option? Maybe, it depends on how many contribute to building new conservative systems that can 1) compete with ultra-liberal systems, or 2) at least just survive in states that are controlled by libertine globalists.

The main problem is that it may take 10 to 25 years to create conservative systems that are truly independent when they are being built inside ultra-liberal states.

It took 25 years for the hippie generation to “march through the institutions” of the Establishment and gain power there.

With modern digital tech it’s easier, in one way, to create alternative systems, but how independent will they be in real life?

If conservative systems rely on 4IR tech – fourth industrial revolution technologies – it will be easy for corporate states to hack, infiltrate and control them.

It will be very difficult for conservatives to realize true independence from globalist CorpStates if they rely on tech that was basically developed by the rulers of these libertine states. The latter will always be dominant in the 4IR arena, because they already have global infrastructure that supports further tech developments.

Let’s say that conservatives reach fifty percent genuine tech independence within the next 5 years. Ultra-liberal corporations will still dominate the West because they have more resources and better scientists/engineers.

And if conservatives attain 90 % genuine tech independence by 2031 it’s a real possibility that ultra-liberal AI will at the same time be so fully developed that it can just bulldoze all conservative systems.

AI drones and IoT surveillance may perhaps be close to omnipresent in the next decade or two. Conservatives will then be crushed.

Both left- and rightwing supporters of freedom and original humanity must therefore fight back now, or they can just forget about resistance in a future when humanity is first put under total surveillance before transitioning to genetically modified citizens and (low-level) cyborgs.

Ultra-liberals have practically sabotaged the free speech of conservatives. Sabotaging the IT systems of Big Tech, in a nonviolent manner, will therefore be fair enough from the viewpoint of reciprocity. It’s fair partly because you can’t differentiate between corporate censorship and the censorship done by a state when living in a CorpState that has a revolving door between Big Business and Big Government.

But will conservatives have the guts to sabotage Big Tech? I never bet on what might happen in the future. But I will make an exception in this case. I bet a bottle of wine (or vodka/whiskey) that conservatives don’t have the guts and will power to stop the supremacy of Big Tech.

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