5G = IoT surveillance

5G is not ordinary Wi-Fi. It’s the first tech which truly enables IoT. Forbes reports that:

“The exponential increase in connectivity 5G delivers makes it a technological paradigm shift akin to the transition from typewriters to computers, because it enables a single-use device (e.g. a pressure sensor in a pipeline) to conduct digitally automated services (e.g. detecting a leak and sending a notification to a regulator, triggering an alert to a third party contractor for repair).”

The 5G And IoT Revolution Is Coming: Here’s What To Expect

When you in the above article read about a 5G device “detecting a leak and sending a notification to a regulator” it means that other 5G devices can detect humans and report their behavior to regulators, as already seen in China.

Which country is currently the leader of 5G tech? China.

China is the 1984 version of Big Tech. Silicon Valley is the Brave New World of the same tech.

Even if it says on paper that lawmakers in some Western states have banned facial recognition, for example, in a relatively near future there will be no way for ordinary citizens to verify that private military companies, owned by mega-corporations, have not secretly deployed “smart dust” sensors.

In 20-50 years, trillions of literally microscopic IoT surveillance devices may control everyone.

Even today we don’t know which secret tech has been developed by the military-industrial complex. We don’t know how small surveillance devices have become already.

The awareness of the possibility that you might be monitored, by stealth tech, even if surveillance is declared unlawful on paper, will force citizens to always engage in self-censorship. We see this already. For example, most people will avoid debates in the comments field of this website here. Many are afraid that participation in an open and free debate here will get them flagged by the NSA and perhaps get them fired in a world run by multinational corporations. Freedom therefore depends on a minority of brave and independent souls willing to fight.

If nobody deconstructs the 5G infrastructure, preferably by lawful means, it will lead to unprecedented totalitarian surveillance.

But while 1940 had the Greatest Generation it seems like we today have the Pawned Generation. Even the majority of older people don’t seem to care that their children will grow up in a surveillance hell.

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