Humanity against Big Tech

The fight against AI drones and IoT surveillance is bipartisan or cross-ideological, in the sense that any left- or rightwing group that wants to protect original humanity against genetic modification, brain implants and mass surveillance should combat Big Tech.

The companies of the “fourth industrial revolution”, aka 4IR corporations, will maybe try to use the tactic of “divide and conquer”, so that Left and Right fight each other instead of focusing their energy on combatting the new totalitarian regime of AI drones, IoT surveillance and biotechnology.

Left and right will always fight, but it should be a bipartisan rule that everyone, regardless of their ideology and personal virtue, should not be attacked by ideological enemies each time he or she enters the anti-surveillance domain in order to combat Big Tech. As long as an individual is within this bipartisan domain (war zone), she or he should be left alone by any ideological enemy who also supports original humanity and anti-surveillance. Follow the logic that an enemy of my enemy is a friend, temporarily and tactically.

Big Tech constitutes an existential threat to original humanity. The new regime of AI drones, IoT surveillance and biotech is the totalitarianism of the 21st century. It will oppress everyone regardless of whether you are black or white, an international socialist or a national socialist, an atheist or religious believer, woke or anti-woke, rich or poor, a capitalist or an anti-capitalist, a saint or a hypocrite, a puritan or libertine, a patriot or globalist, a criminal or a law-abiding citizen.

Churchill was willing to cooperate with Stalin in order to stop Hitler, and right after WW2 he wanted to start a new war against Stalin, cf Operation Unthinkable.

Churchill said: “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

Balance of power is a doctrine which requires that weaker powers tactically cooperate to stop a much more powerful common enemy. The latter will of course attempt to divide them all, and then conquer or dominate all. Therefore, if you see an individual who tries to smear and discredit a person while he or she is within the anti-surveillance domain, an arena or war zone where (s)he is only focused on combatting Big Tech, then take into consideration that the individual who throws dirt at him/her might work for Big Tech. It might just be a cheap psyop.

If somebody uses ad hominem arguments to attack you, simply say to your comrades in arms: “Who cares? Stop Big Tech!”

Not claiming that Left and Right should cooperate on an operational level. Plan operations separately and independently of each other. Create so many fronts that 4IR corporations can’t deal with it.

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