A guide for average citizens

If you are a relatively average citizen your first priority is family, and your second priority is to have a job that will make it economically possible to support your family, so when studying this website, you may think:

“If someone acts on the information presented in the articles on this website, how will that affect my two main priorities in life?”

Firstly, anti-surveillance activism is not the same as anti-capitalism. It’s not anti-government either. This website is not opposed to the police or intelligence services as such. It’s in harmony with Western constitutional democracies. There is also no contradiction between anti-surveillance activism and traditional Big Business, the kind of industry that was invented before the rise of Big Tech in the 1990s.

The conflict between anti-surveillance activists and Big Tech is only (or mainly) a conflict between “elites”. It doesn’t (necessarily) require participation from any so-called “average citizen”. It’s instead a bit like the internal conflict between aristocrats in medieval times, since very few are independent and strong-willed enough to become notable (militant) anti-surveillance activists.

Without comparison in other regards one might say that this conflict, in one way, is similar to how “normal people” in their everyday lives don’t go around thinking about a conflict between two gangs as long as innocent bystanders are not physically hurt by it.

Perhaps it’s better to compare it to the usually hidden but ever-present conflict between intelligence services. It’s done – or should be done – by professionals, out of view in most cases.

This website encourages amateur activists to never get involved in violent operations. Such operations might never happen in any case because professionals (or highly skilled and ethically responsible amateurs) usually have families, so most of them will therefore not get involved in militant anti-surveillance operations.

This website certainly presents some very grim hypothetical scenarios that will affect many average citizens if these scenarios ever become real. But even brave militant activists today are either too pacified and disillusioned or simply too undisciplined and unskilled to win (large) battles that can lead to collateral damage. Given this general lack of initiative the smart ones will therefore not even try to attempt starting a “War on Big Tech”.

The two most likely future scenarios are: 1) Big Tech continues with business as usual, with little or no militant resistance, or 2) some large event, unrelated to this website, causes a major violent conflict that also brings down Big Tech more or less.

Big Tech is a relatively new phenomenon in human history. It started in 1995 approximately. It began long after the main ideological fault lines were formed over 150 years ago. So the conflict between anti-surveillance activists and Big Tech is independent from the old conflicts between liberals, socialists, nationalists and capitalists. You can be opposed to Big Tech surveillance no matter which of these ideologies you belong to. Furthermore, both Antifa/BLM and the alt-right are opposed to Big Tech surveillance, so you will not get in trouble with any of them if supporting anti-surveillance campaigns.

This website states in a clear and unambiguous manner that terrorism is morally wrong. It’s also written in such a boring and academic way that easily excitable militant activists who lack impulse control and struggle with short attention spans will not be inspired by it, if some of them should happen to have the IQ needed to read this long sentence here.

If any real player in the “Great Game” finds some educational value in what is published here it may primarily just be a low-level intelligence officer assigned to occasionally check what I’m writing.

Given the inertia, cowardice, selfishness, tribal nature and cognitive myopia of human beings the realist in me considers this website to be a paper tiger (or simply redundant). It will probably soon be lost in the winds and torrents of cyberspace.

But since writing articles for this website is currently the least boring thing I can do, no defeatism will keep me from just go on with it (somewhat in the spirit of Beckett, the author of Waiting for Godot).

A note to the un-average citizen: I discovered the wisdom of St Paul long before Žižek did it, so from this Christian perspective it’s all according to plan, no matter what happens. Kind of liberating 🙂

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