I have nothing to hide…

People who say they don’t worry about surveillance because “they have nothing to hide” forget that in a hyper-polarized society they can become jobless and socially ostracized in the near future if their political opponents get control over a basically “omnipresent” surveillance system of AI drones, IoT sensors, and monitors in the sky/space.

For example, if you are slightly left of moderate socialism, in today’s polarized America, will you not fear that someone like Trump may in the future become a president who uses Big Tech’s drones and IoT surveillance to register all “communists” and then force employers to either fire or not promote any worker who is not rightwing?

Similarly, if you are a conservative Christian who refuses to accept so-called “woke” values, will you not fear that an ultra-liberal government detects your religious identity during mass surveillance sweeps and then (shadow) ban you from the public arena and expel you from the job market?

The argument that you have nothing to hide is kind of “valid” if you somehow live in a hypothetical surveillance society that’s not polarized. In reality, however, all surveillance states are characterized by deep conflicts, because mass surveillance is not necessary in harmonious and depolarized countries.

In Canada, politicians have voted in support of classifying the Proud Boys as terrorists, despite the latter having never detonated a bomb in public or conducted any other type of militant operation where they plotted to kill four or more innocent civilians. It’s only more or less authoritarian states that operate with expanded definitions of terrorism (in order to arrest political opponents).

Newsweek: ” … Canadian politicians unanimously voted to list the [Proud Boys] group as a terrorist entity.”

“The motion, brought forward by leader of the New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh, was passed in Canadian House of Commons on Monday but will still need to be approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau before it is an official designation.”

Proud Boys Speak Out Against ‘Tyrants’ After Canada Votes to Label Them a Terrorist Group

By the way, I’m a weakling supporting the leftwing feminism that Norway, my fatherland, had in the 1970s, so I’m no “Western chauvinist”. I’m an anti-imperialistic nationalist, who supports indigenous people and global economic justice. I’m just as proud of being white as an African is proud of being black. In short, I’m an unclassifiable hyper-individualist, a difficult contrarian.

Leftwing Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who helped Snowden, reveals how “woke” neoliberals have become more authoritarian inside America:

Reflecting the Authoritarian Climate, Washington Will Remain Militarized Until At Least March

You may think you have nothing to hide, but in a very polarized society you can still become a victim if your political opponents get control over a surveillance system that will soon be (secretly) omnipresent if nobody stops it, asap, immediately.

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