Sinaloa cartel vs FANG

Mexican drug cartels are just as bad as ISIS in terms of violent brutality. In principle the hawk in me therefore supports that US Special Forces take them out. I’m not soft on crime. Given human nature, I generally support the police. But there is a middle ground between “defund the police”-hippies and AI drone policing in Western surveillance states.

What’s terrifying in our context is that Big Tech’s drone and IoT surveillance is an existential threat to organized crime, including drug cartels.

Consequently, if drug cartels want to survive they must right now 1) liquidate the owners of Big Tech companies, and 2) assassinate the key scientists and engineers working for these corporations.

What if a cartel kidnaps a very talented graduate student in the field of AI? How will his or her family react?

Obviously, I’m not recommending that the evil monsters who run cartels should attack a company like Amazon. Just describing the Machiavellian fact that when Big Tech surveillance pushes organized crime into a corner it’s very predictable that drug cartels will retaliate, in a vicious manner.

For example, let’s say you are a drug dealer on a street corner. How can you do business when 50 tiny insect drones are recording everything you do and say? They constantly follow you everywhere – literally everywhere – from waking up in your bedroom at dawn to when you go to sleep at night, and then the mics and cams keep watching you sleep. The moment you do anything illegal, you are arrested. It will not take long for the police to find video recordings admissible in court, by looking through evidence provided by private surveillance companies (secretly) owned by other branches of the corporate state.

I and anybody else who hate ISIS and narcoterrorists, i.e. anyone who wants to take a sniper rifle and use these psychopaths as target practice, will be genuinely happy when the nerds in Big Tech get rid of this scum, forever, once and for all.

But will the corrupt special-forces soldiers in Los Zetas, residing close to the American border, go quietly into the night? Will they just sit and wait for Big Tech in Seattle/Bellevue to create AI drones that can totally eliminate all of them?

Los Zetas are smart. They don’t have to read my post here to see the writing on the wall; the wall of a supermax prison.

Have AI students at Stanford or tech engineers at Amazon been informed by their professors or bosses that they are at the frontline of the new automated battlefields of the 21st century? Will they be attacked like the Allies bombed civilians working in German weapon factories? Are they protected like the scientists of the Manhattan project?

Drug cartels are clever. They know that if an attack on Amazon is attributed to them, the US might attack Mexico. Iranians are also aware of the retaliation risk if they are the ones attacking the new backbone of CorpState military might: Big Tech. It’s therefore a real chance that Amazon, for example, will get attacked without any group taking responsibility for it.

MTFAANG are all Big Tech companies engaged in surveillance capitalism, but some have of course more power than others. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are the most likely targets, but cartels might perhaps choose to score some points in conservative Mexico by also attacking anti-Christian entertainment companies that collect info from viewers and sell them to data brokers. Especially if somebody pays them to do it. Maybe a foreign intelligence service, from another continent but operating in Mexico, hires commandos from Los Zetas to attack the propaganda-entertainment complex of Hollywood?

“On television, we found more than 1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005, from ‘Flight 93’ to ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Army Wives’”

Matthew Alford: Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think. The Independent, 03 Sep, 2017.

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