Conservatives and FANG at war

Putin said that whoever is the first to attain AI supremacy will also rule the world, as reported in this CNN article:

““Artificial intelligence is the future, not only of Russia, but of all of mankind,” Putin said. “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” After seeing Putin’s comments, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that “competition for AI superiority at national level (is the) most likely cause of WW3.””

Putin and Musk are right: Whoever masters AI will run the world

In the near future the danger is not AGI (the artificial general intelligence seen in science fiction movies) but drones and IoT based on multi-domain narrow AI, a kind of AI that will make it possible to literally put the entire planet under surveillance when Big Tech has developed the ability to deploy trillions of insect drones and put nano sensors in cities, forests and mountains.

In an inherently unsafe world, Big Tech can easily find apparently good reasons for monitoring everything, such as using sensors in the wilderness to stop forest fires:

Cheap, Self-Powered Fire Sensor Could Sound an Early Alarm

Sensors detecting fires in a forest can also (secretly) monitor people in a forest.

The ideological party in a European or American state that controls multi-domain narrow AI will also control that state. This surveillance technology is so powerful that if one ideological party gets control over it, in a very polarized state, then it’s very tempting for the leaders of that party to never allow its ideological opponents to be in charge of this AI surveillance system.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The almost “godlike” power of AI drones and IoT surveillance will create a security dilemma where 1) ultra-liberal and globalist DINOs/RINOs, and 2) cultural conservatives who are more or less ethno-nationalistic, will both fear that the other party will use this AI power to abolish democracy.

For example, in the near future, will ultra-liberals in Silicon Valley and Seattle/Bellevue ever allow that a party of Trump supporters get control over an almost omnipresent system of AI drones and IoT surveillance? No, because ultra-liberals have good reason to fear that this system will be used against them.

The tragic dynamic of the security dilemma means that radical conservatives, and even moderate conservatives, have equally good reason to fear an AI surveillance system controlled by ultra-liberals.

Science is global. It’s independent of national borders. The goal of science is to illuminate and clarify everything, to see everything and map every cause or correlation. That makes it easier for technocrats to control everything. It’s therefore natural that ultra-liberal globalists in the Enlightenment tradition will be drawn to science and Big Tech. Cultural conservatives in the ethno-nationalistic Romanticist tradition have fought this “liberal” imperialism since 1810 approximately. The conflict eventually led to WW2. Moderate liberals won that war. But ultra-liberals, i.e. multicultural libertines and “corporate woke agents”, have after the Cold War pushed the envelope so far that it has backfired and triggered a cultural conservative renaissance.

When ultra-liberal “rinos and dinos” deployed 25k soldiers at Washington DC, and Big Tech banned a significant portion of (alt-right) political free speech, it became crystal clear that this plutocratic “one-party” Establishment will never allow anyone to take away their system of AI drones and IoT surveillance. Cultural conservatives are aware of this. From their perspective, war is justified now. Ultra-liberal globalists also think that war is justified (in order to protect libertinism and “woke” minority interests). That’s why they sent 25,000 soldiers to Washington DC.

Critics will say that soldiers were deployed to secure a peaceful transition of power. But this deployment would never have been necessary in the first place if the Establishment had simply returned to the moderate liberality of Western democracies we had prior to the rise of ultra-“liberal” Big Tech.

And would the Corporate State of America have sent twenty-five thousand soldiers to Washington if BLM had stormed the Capitol in the same way as seen on the 6th of Jan, 2021? Most likely no. There are of course many differences between BLM riots and the rightwing Capitol riot. The point however is that the US is so polarized that cultural conservatives today have good reason, from their perspective, to start a “War on Big Tech”.

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