Big Tech destabilizes democracy

If you are over 50 years old you’ll know that Western democracies were more stable during the Cold War, prior to the rise of Big Tech in the 1990s. Democracies today have to deal with significant and sometimes existential threats that did not exist before 4IR, the fourth industrial revolution. Is this “scaremongering”? No. Just read The Precipice by Toby Ord at Oxford University. Can Big Tech get us out of these problems and save us all? Maybe, but it’s like playing Russian roulette. It’s a reckless gamble.

There is a second factor associated with Big Tech in the West that destabilizes America and Europe. Between 1950 and 1985, before neoliberal tech-driven globalization got traction and power, we had constitutional democracies that were stable because they were built on the middle class and its mainstream culture of moderate liberality and moderate conservatism (in the traditions of Mill and Burke).

When Big Tech globalization started after the Cold War, it became possible for the libertine and multicultural entertainment industry on the West and East Coast of America to spread its ultra-liberal values all over the planet.

No point here to discuss whether libertinism and so-called “woke” values are good or bad. It depends on your worldview and your (subjective) interests/preferences.

I’m just saying that if any type of controversial (left- or rightwing) minority interest enters mainstream culture, instead of just remaining within a subculture in the backstreets, it will de facto set in motion a counter-reaction which again contributes to destabilizing a democracy even more.

For example, let’s say (for the sake of argument at least) that mass immigration is a positive value. Nevertheless it will very predictably be resisted by nationalists. Whether you think nationalism is good or bad doesn’t actually matter much as long as it’s an ideology that will not go away. It’s here to stay (for a very long time). According to Newton’s law of action and reaction it’s predicable that the actions of multiculturalists will trigger a violent reaction when radical conservatives resist globalization. Again, here I’m not discussing whether nationalism in itself is good or bad. Only saying that when nationalism and multiculturalism collide, it will predictably lead to violence and terrorism, which again leads to more surveillance. This surveillance is then resisted by 1) leftwing radicals, 2) rightwing radicals, 3) moderate liberals, and 4) moderate conservatives. All this causes more chaos, and this instability can be used to justify more surveillance. It’s a vicious circle.

If you want a stable constitutional democracy, its mainstream culture should not contain any controversial (right- or leftwing) minority interest. The latter should not be judicially banned, but large corporations and state institutions should not spread it in any way. It should only be allowed to flourish freely in the backstreets, off-Broadway. If the goal is stability, then major entertainment platforms should not spread 1) radical rightwing values, 2) so-called “woke” values, or 3) libertine values. But this informal and non-judicial ban only works if applied to all three. If one of them gets (perceived) special treatment, then we are back in a culture war that destabilizes democracies.

It’s also a question of scale: when the libertine culture of California is spread worldwide, through the global infrastructures of Big Tech, it will cause a very negative and sometimes extremely violent reaction in societies, communities and subcultures that are conservative. When this is combined with other negative globalization features, such as outsourcing and de-industrialization in the West, plus the loss of jobs caused by Big Tech automation, it’s not surprising that we one day ended up with a US Capitol riot on the 6th of Jan, 2021.

Even if you disagree with the above description of developments after the Cold War, you can still reflect upon this:

People in America and Europe were willing to risk WW3 in order to prevent the spread of surveillance states like East Germany, but in the West today we have more surveillance than Nazi and Stasi Germany, in such a degree that ex-Stasi boss, Wolfgang Schmidt, said that this level of surveillance would have been a dream come true for the communists during the Cold War.

It’s time to fight Big Tech like we fought other totalitarian regimes, because when the drone and IoT surveillance systems of Big Tech are fully activated, there is zero chance of rebelling against it.

Resistance is not a job for reckless amateurs. If someone detonates a car bomb outside Amazon, for example, killing innocent bystanders, the evil perpetrator should be dismissed as being a political idiot who harmed the cause, or he/she should be suspected of being an agent provocateur.

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