Ethics and online invisibility

I support constitutional democracies based on moderate liberality and moderate conservatism, in the traditions of Mill and Burke. I’m therefore not a libertarian, not a “free speech fundamentalist”. Despite supporting Assange, Manning and Snowden I have always argued that the police should do more to stop online criminals. But there are five primary ethical reasons why I have now decided to publish the article Online invisibility even when knowing that it contains info that can also help evil people.

1) Bad guys can just buy/download “The Art of Invisibility” by Kevin Mitnick or watch online videos about evading the police.

2) When around 25,000 soldiers descended on Washington DC after the riot on the 6th of Jan, 2021, and Big Tech companies like Amazon decided to ban not only Parler but also many other conservative voices, in addition to banning an Antifa account with 71k members, it became clear that the West is now so unstable and polarized that the risk of either side abusing tech power is significant enough to justify that genuine good guys have access to the info published in the article “Online Invisibility”.

3) In January, 2021, Amazon and other Big Tech companies broke the ruling paradigm of libertarian “free speech fundamentalism” when using authoritarian power to silence right- and leftwing political voices. This was authoritarian because the distinction between government censorship and censorship done by private mega-corporations is practically irrelevant when living in plutocratic CorpStates with a revolving door between Big Government and Big Business. This can be called fascistoid neoliberalism. Moderate conservatives, moderate liberals and other good people should now have access to info explaining how they can avoid the draconian (and secret) surveillance systems implemented by CorpStates.

4) The article “Online Invisibility” shows how incredibly difficult it is to conduct militant operations without being detected, and that will hopefully deter amateurs and reckless individuals from using violent methods in an unprofessional manner that will backfire politically.

5) When people read “Online invisibility” they will see that they have already become over 90% captured and monitored by surveillance tech; smartphones and CCTV cameras in particular. When realizing how difficult it is to hide from this totalitarian surveillance regime, especially when drone swarms and IoT sensors are fully activated, at least some of them will hopefully start to “fight back better”.

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