WMD terrorists fighting Big Tech

There are millions of papers, debates and books about the dangers of AI, recon/killer drones and IoT surveillance, so I may easily have overlooked some academics’ brutally realistic criticism of Big Tech. Consequently, I might be kicking in open doors here. I must say however that from what I’ve heard and read it seems like prominent researchers on 4IR tech (fourth industrial revolution tech) don’t focus enough on the present danger of 4IR tech here and now. They often talk about such tech as if it’s a problem in a decade or two, maybe a century. Making a dramatic video about slaughterbots doesn’t help much when most people are accustomed to viewing it as science fiction while some experts – like Paul Scharre – have claimed that it’s exaggerated.

Instead of discussing the present dangers of 4IR tech in a rather abstract and general way, let’s scare people straight by focusing on the details of a specific threat which is acutely relevant. The following is meant as a wake-up call.

When radical conservatives, rightwing militias or violent religious cults read about how 4IR tech scientists are playing God (or the Devil), it’s easy to know how they will react today. Many have guns, and this implies that a very tiny minority of them might attack universities, in a much more bloody way than Ted Kaczynski. They might kill highly talented 4IR tech students, especially those in the fields of AI drones and IoT surveillance.

Rightwing militant activists, in addition to ethically insane religious terrorists, already view Big Tech as the enemy, whining about “tech tyranny”. An increasing number of them are also studying the truly dangerous aspects of 4IR tech. Now that they have been banned by corporations like Amazon, it’s only luck that will prevent a terrorist attack in Seattle/Bellevue.

Rightwing groups are not the only threat. Leftwing activists have a long tradition of criticizing technology and science. A very tiny minority of lefty radicals might start to violently attack Big Tech. In our fragmented and confused societies we’ll probably also see cross-ideological militant organizations, and some might include syncretic religious ideas too. If they get access to (low-grade) WMDs, things can get very ugly in Silicon Valley or Seattle/Bellevue. This will of course trigger an extremely negative response from the CEOs and owners of Big Tech, which again can accelerate and escalate the conflict, until we might see a civil war breaking out, or more likely: neo-medieval city state wars between red and blue areas in America.

But do 4IR tech professors tell their new students about the lethal risks described above? Will mass media or at least high schools ever be responsible and tell teenagers about the danger of becoming scientists or engineers within the fields of 4IR tech?

Discussing the above topic in public, online, would probably not have been responsible prior to 1) the Capitol riot on the 6th of Jan in Washington DC, and 2) radical conservatives and others getting banned from Big Tech platforms. But things have now escalated in such a degree that it’s arguably best to inform common people about all the dangers we are facing today. Burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best doesn’t work anymore.

On the other hand, terrorists should not learn anything about WMDs, so any naming of these weapons or details about them will be banned here. I recommend only using the very general term “WMD” if commenting upon my articles.

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